2018 Apr 22 | China Basin meet the artists, Harris Ranch

Matching Mercedes.

A very low-riding truck.

Lots of poppies growing along the road.

Some right out in front of our house.

Oh no! He's mowing the grass and also the poppies.

A car show in Salinas.

We split a meal and still didn't even eat half of it. I don't know how one person could eat all of this on his own.

Every time we move the garbage bins or various things in our yard to mow, tons of snails come out from below them.

This hotel was selling a bunch of furniture and eventually after a few weeks just gave it all away.

Neat clouds.

We drove up to San Francisco for a meet-the-artist event at the China Basin building. It's right across from AT&T Park.

The entrance to the park.

The China Basin building is right across the street to the right.

Another entrance.

An ad for the show.

There are six lobbies and each artist was set up in one.

Bruce came by to check it out. He used to work here but has since moved to the Salesforce Tower.

Cool building across the street.

The artists.

A live band.

Some vendors set up outside.

A beer pong table.

A kayaker checking out the action.

Some food trucks.

That's a huge hot dog.

Me by one of the photos.

Name plate.

Another one down the hall.

Ogii manning the table while people look at the photos.

Me talking to some others.

Another artist.



Some more of her art.


Capcom has an office in this building, neat.

Another artist.

The building from the outside.

AT&T Park with the Bay Bridge in the background.

I think one of the optometrists I used to work with lives here.


We stayed on a hotel on the way to LA; I was filling in at an office for the weekend and Ogii was going to LA. However, there was a little roach in the room.

They don't bother me, but Ogii is terrified of them.

Guess I'll have to catch it in a cup.

And then go throw it outside.

The Ogii searched around making sure there weren't any others.

Nice breakfast.

The waffle iron makes Best Western imprints.

A Tesla charging station there.


Harris Ranch is somewhat famous as a tourist stop.

It's a big building.

There's a steakhouse, but it was an hour wait without a reservation. Just down the hall was a restaurant, though, and it also served steak. I guess the steakhouse is just a little more upscale and quiet dining experience.

Aw, the founder's birthday was yesterday.

Lots of stuff up on the walls.

More stuff.

Yummy steak.

There was also a bar in addition to the two restaurants.

And a store.

Lots of meat.

Cowhides and all kinds of stuff.

I kept saying que as in queso and couldn't figure out the "red, white, and que" until I figured out it was 'que, for barbeque, not queso.

Neat couch.

A patio area.

Some really nice western pictures.


And some more. Really nice.

The artist.

Now that everyone has cell phones, their phone booths have been turned into ads.

Pictures of all of their racehorses.

That's a lot of money in horses.

The Tesla chargers are a bit out of place compared to the old-time stores.

Aw, one of my favorite ties has a loose thread.

None of these pieces of gum tastes like Juicy Fruit.

The pamphlet for the art show.

Artist #1: Hilary Eddy.

She paints mostly transparent items.

Fairly high priced.

Artist #2: Athena Kim.

She has some really big paintings.

Which are more abstract.

Artist #3: Johnny Botts.

He paints mostly robotic stuff.

With a more cartoony look.

Artist #5: Karen Druker.

She has more impressionistic paintings.

With lots of elements.

Artist #6: me.

I was the only photographer.

It was a nice event.

One of my classmates now has 4th-year optometry students seeing patients.

Wow, a Giorgio Moroder concert. Too bad we can't make it. He made so much movie music during the 80s.

Oops, forgot to include this in last week's update. This was the road to Treebones we took. Very windy through the mountains.

Athena showing how she makes her paintings.

One of the ads for the meet-the-artists event. It wasn't quite that busy, and I didn't know it was also Earth Day.

Making reservations for movies in San Francisco. It looks like only one seat has been reserved so far, and it's way in the back corner. That guy is pretty anti-social.

The dumb Alamo Drafthouse website kept redirecting me to the San Antonio location when I wanted the San Francisco one.

Checking out other movie theaters in San Francisco. The Castro one has sing-alongs.

The Kabuki one used to be very unique but apparently not any more after being taken over by a large chain.

You can't get Windows Movie Maker from Microsoft any more. I tried using some other video editors but hated them because they were way too complex and I couldn't figure out how to put a basic clip together; Movie Maker is so much simpler. So I had to download it from some non-official site.