2018 Apr 29 | Margarita Rumble, poker at Lucky Chances, Pacific Coast Dream Machines

We're watching Avengers: Infinity War and Super Troopers 2, so we were going to re-watch Super Troopers, but Thor: Ragnarok was recommended right beside it and we hadn't seen that yet, so we watched that instead.

Lots of pretty flowers on the way north to San Francisco.

Cow cutouts.

Real cows.


I guess those barrels in front of barriers are useful.

These scooters have created a huge debate in San Francisco. You can ride them to wherever and then just leave them there, but a lot of other people hate them.

Pretty color.

Aw, the movie theater doesn't validate.

An optometry office.

A line for a marijuana dispensary.

This Foreign Cinema was right beside the theater we were going to.

Long line. In the evening they show movies projected on a wall outside.

More scooters. These are from the Bird company, which got in a lot of trouble in Santa Monica for putting scooters there and not following regulations.

An old house.

The Alamo Drafthouse New Mission theater.

Walking in.

Lots of DVDs you can buy.

A bar.

Neat artwork.

Big pieces of what appears to be stone held together by metal.

More DVDs.

A few old videogames.

Most of the theaters are upstairs.

Looking down.

Extra seats.

Yep, definitely San Francisco: bike racks inside.

Pinball machines over here.

Ogii looking out over the balcony.

Our theater.

Neat ceiling.

Adult shakes.

Our order.

Truffle popcorn and chocolate chip cookies. We didn't even eat a quarter of the popcorn, but plenty of other movie-goers ate all of theirs. We watched Avengers: Infinity War, which was really good.

The we drove closer to downtown. The parking garage looks out at the AMC Metreon theater.

We went to a margarita tasting here. We had VIP tickets, so we got in an hour early like these people. Great idea for only $10 more because the line was tiny.

And it wasn't very crowded inside yet.

First stop.


Ogii at the third table.

They give you a token and you can put it in the box of whoever you think has the best margarita. The winner gets this trophy.


This guy got one of our tokens. He was really informative and passionate about the drink and it tasted good, too.

All of the drinks used Don Julio because they were a sponsor.

Some history.

Nice logo.


More booths in the back.

This one first.

Then this one.

A lot of them made the drinks too spicy; this one had all this spicy stuff on the rim, too. Maybe some people like that, but we didn't.

Tacos this way? It's outside.

Meh, just one taco truck.

Back inside.

This one had more fruit in it.

These guys were fun.

Going back up the other side.

A few more to go.

Fun decorations on their table.

Me drinking this one; it was pretty, but again, too spicy.

More happy servers.

And the last table.

It was a fun experience, even though most of the margaritas were too weird.

It's starting to fill up a bit.

A much longer line for general admission.

We walked by Anthropolgie on our way down the sidewalk; it's one of Ogii's favorite stores.

Uh oh; drunk shopping.

I need to get her out of here before she buys the entire store.

They had some ice cream tasting.

A neat old clock.

A DJ at another store.

Onto movie number two: Super Troopers 2 at Century Theaters.

It's a big place.

They have huge reclining seats.

No sleeping.

One of the annoying things about San Francisco is how inconsiderate drivers and pedestrians are. This woman stopped in the middle of the street to let her friend load shopping bags into her car. She could have just gone around the corner here and not blocked traffic.

More horrible drivers: motorcycles and bicycles squeezing around us.

We went to Lucky Chances casino that evening.

They have a lot of 1/1/2 cash tables, so even though there were a lot of people playing, we got in some games almost instantly. Unlike casinos in San Jose where you have to wait at least an hour or two at this time of day.

Ogii pulling in her winnings.

The white chips are $1 and the red chips are $5. The maximum buy into this game for $200; this guy kept winning and had over $1500.

We stayed at the Best Western Grosvenor Hotel.

Nice front desk area.

Neat colored waterfalls.

Lots of groups having conferences there.

A big dining area.

Lots of choices for breakfast.

Good stuff.

The dining room was really pretty.

And had a lot of these stained-glass windows.


Ah, that makes sense; the bar is called the Bronze Elephant.

A bronze elephant by the entrance.

And the phone is the same.

A little area in the back that's almost like a family room in a home.

The we drove down highway 1. There were lots of beaches.

This sailboat was grounded at Pacifica Beach.

A surfer walking by.

There were a lot of surfers out there.

And more on the other side.

A class.

And more surfers out here.

Some kids on their car.

A guy with a drone.

Lots of trees.

It's almost like being in a forest.

Except you're right on the edge of the ocean when you come out. Some huge pot holes in this parking area.

Neat cove.

Ogii leaning over to get a picture. Don't lean too far.

No hiking.

A path down. I wonder if it goes all the way to the beach? It's prohibited according to the sign, though.

Nice flowers.

Our next stop was the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve.

It's mostly known for its tide pools.

Although you can see whales, too.

A nice little info hut.

They really don't want you driving here.

The path down.

A little stream runs into the ocean.

Ogii by the stream.

And under the sign.

Don't touch anything, though. We didn't see any animals because the tide was too high.

There's another path back this way.

It goes up to the bluffs.

Lots of green.

Ogii coming up.

This is a better spot for whale watching.

And there are some seals down on the beach.

A nice house with nice flowers.

And now we're stuck in a long line of cars waiting to get into the Pacific Coast Dream Machines show at the Half Moon Bay airport.

Looking back.

We got in, but that sign says "show cars only."

I guess the original idea was to divide the type of car into different lanes, but that didn't happen at all; it was just too much of a pain to implement.

And now time to look at all the cool cars.

Nice color.


A roadrunner with a roadrunner.

Racing cycles.

Lots of random stuff on this one.

I've always like the color-changing paint jobs.

A huge buggy.


Exhaust of a speed boat.

A classic car with the color-changing paint. You don't see this very often, but it was done tastefully.

Old wooden car.


A yellow one.

Tesla roadster.

A trike.

Lots of random stuff on this one.

A list of the items.

It's rat-powered.

A little race car.

Big motor.

A really old car pulled apart.

Old carriage.

Nice light.

There were a lot of people but it wasn't too crowded.

Interesting motor.

Red racer.

Trip-tip sandwiches for lunch.

Cooking the meat in the back.

Ogii with a sandwich. They were really good.


Even more cars.

There were also airplanes flying overhead.

Beautiful mural.

Smaller car.

Some police on horses. They didn't like the revving motors, though.

Gorgeous paint job.

A simpler one.

A dragster.

Another one from the front.

A really old race car.

The interior isn't particularly comfortable.

Don't know what all of these are.

Gargoyle hood ornament.

A speed boat.

Giant motor.

More BBQ.

Lots of speakers in the back of this car.

High-lifted pickup.

The Batmobile.

Machine guns.

Pretty orange.

Lots of cars; lots of people.

Us if we were tattooed.

They had helicopter rides.

And airplane rides.

And even monster truck rides. This might have been fun but the line was pretty long.

We'll just watch instead.

The front.

A selfie with the monster truck in the back.

Big old plane.

On the other side were airplanes.

Very shiny.

And helicopters.

And this thing.

A personal helicopter.

Very skinny.

A war plane.

There were some food trucks on this side.

Selfie with the planes.

These people were getting around on roller skates. Good idea; it was a bit of a long walk between the planes and the cars.

Some poppies.

And purple flowers.

Back to the cars section: police cars.

And motorcycles.

A live band.

Lots of people here.

There were some vendors. We actually got an email a few days before asking if we wanted to be vendors as well, but I don't think sunset pictures would go over with this type of crowd.

An old steam roller.

This area had lots of old engines.

A guy up working on one.

Some more.

A red one.

Hooked up to a corn machine.

A water wheel.

The world's smallest type K stover.

A long belt.

Giant saws.

A Ferrari.

It had the fastest time ever in this hill climb.

A couple in their old car.

A triple flyover.

Then we went to the center of the show to watch motorcycles. We were right up in front.

Unimotorcycle drag racing.

And now time for motorcross, featuring Dustin Nowak, Jimmy Fitzpatrick, Cal Vallone, and Destin Cantrell, a former Gold medal winner at the X Games.

They started out small.

But got crazier as they went.

Hope his feet hold on.



Barely hanging on.

At the end they drove along the edge and gave people high fives.

A video of the show.

Ogii putting oil in her car when we got home. I don't know enough about fixing old cars to have any of the cool cars at the show, but maybe Ogii will get there.