2018 May 06 | LABV, Samba Brazilian Steakhouse, Night Run, Coastal CE

The LADWP class action lawsuit payed out mostly around $1-2 dollars per person. Not even worth the stamp to send the checks.

Rabbits near work.

This person must live in the bay area.

An appropriate license plate.

Funny boat name.

The bulb on the projector at work blew out. Thankfully it was on the last patient, but there weren't any spare bulbs. I went to Home Depot hoping to get lucky, but obviously they didn't have the fairly unique one I needed.

I was thinking I was going to have to hand-draw a chart and measure all of the letters to make sure they are the correct size, but then Ogii said just print one out. So I went online, found one, and it worked perfectly. That seemed fairly obvious, but I didn't think of it.

Hungry kitty.

Ogii's great cooking.

This is basically the parable of crying wolf. If my bank sends me a letter saying, "Important information, open immediately," I'm expecting a hacked account or something similar. "Good news, your interest rates are reduced," is not important information. This is how you get me to just throw away all mail you send me unopened.

Watching Back to School.

I had forgotten it has a ton of great 80s actors, including the car saleswoman from Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

And Johnny from Karate Kid.

And Oingo Boingo.

And Iron Man.

And Rocky's best friend.

And Sam Kinison. So 80s.

A little fair being set up on the library lawn.

Uh oh. I put a microSD card here in the car and it slid down into this little crack. Thankfully it was blank and didn't have anything on it because I can't find it at all. The Prius also has a very annoying space between the center console and the seat; if you drop anything down there, it's very hard to get back out.

Down in LA for the weekend and eating at Pizzarito N.Y. Pizza By The Slice in Marina del Rey for lunch.

This guy checking out in front of me was buying a ton of protein bars.

They were on sale as buy one, get one free. It was fun watching his total slowly go down dollar by dollar as they system applied the discounts; it was like a jackpot.

Time for massage's at Marico Body Therapy.

Foot massages first.

Ogii so comfortable she's napping.

Then full body.

It's in this strip mall in Marina Del Rey.

The out to the beach. Matching new Corvette Stingrays.

Volleyball with LABV.

Me jumping for a hit.

This guy can really jump.


Diving for a ball. These two women were fun to watch because they were always happy.

Jack effortlessly hitting the ball with the back of his hand.

And going up for a spike.

And a spike back at them.

Then down to Samba Brazilian Steakhouse for dinner.

The bar.

Beautiful view out into the bay.

Jetskis and kayaks and stand-up paddleboards and paddleboats and sailboats and fishing boats; so many options to have fun on the water.

The buffet.

Don't eat too much soup; you won't have room for all the meat.

Bring it on.

Ogii cutting.

That looks good.

Me getting some.

That's a big piece of meat.


I like to save a piece of each for the end so I can see which are my favorites.


Amazing house.

It was Cinco de Mayo, so there were lots of people out doing bar crawls.

But we were doing a night run at Angels Stadium.

Lots of glowsticks and light-up jewelry.

A DJ playing dance music.

Ready for the start.

Everyone is wearing running shoes.

I don't have running shoes any more.

These people have fun socks.

Ogii has running shoes and fun socks.

We had light-up glasses that lit more up the louder the music was like an equalizer.

Although the music was so loud around here they were always maxed out.

And we're going.

Behind us.

Uh, kinda. I guess we just got into the staging area.

And now we're really going. They only let so many people out in each wave, and we were in the first wave.

They had stops along the route with various stages. This one bubbles.

And a DJ stage.

People running by it.

A couple pushing their kid in a stroller. And Ogii.

Dance stage number two.

Then down into the stadium.


Ogii by the infield.

People could see themselves on a big screen.

And back up.

And out.

Running along the side of the stadium.

And then up into the top of the stadium where everyone was taking selfies looking back into the infield.

I guess we will too. We were pretty sweaty by now; it was warm out.

You could see the people running down below.

Ogii by the Angels Hall of Fame.

Back outside.

Almost there.

And we finished.

Dancing at the main stage.

Ogii asleep with the inlaws' cat.

Up early the next morning for CE. A lot of them have lectures I'm not very interested in, but this one actually had a bunch that I was; very nice.

Some nice items: cookies and a multi-highlighter.

Not to mention a raffle for a bunch of prizes, including a 50" TV.

I want that TV.


And lectures begin.

This one was on scleral lenses, which are being used more and more now for keratoconus instead of traditional corneal-fit RGPs.

Good to know which ones are healthiest.

A talk on using dark adaptation as the earliest method of detecting macular degeneration.

The sponsors.

Meeting with vendors.

I love the iCare tonometers, but they're still rather expensive.

One sponsor had a neat calling system: it would tell you what patient was calling, when their appointment was, family members, etc. Good info to have.

Testing out eyelid massage.

I love the CE-themed headband of the woman on the right.

Calling us back in for more CE by blowing on a conch.

Many options for cataract surgery nowadays.




Trying to get audience members up on stage.

They got a few people.

Many minimally invasive glaucoma surgery options. Really nice to have so many new surgery options for glaucoma because trabeculectomies are so traumatic and fairly problematic.

Time for raffle prizes. Unfortunately I didn't win the TV.

Now for the mad dash at the end to get your CE certificate.

One problem with having a last name that starts with "O" is that I'm usually in the same line as tons of Nguyens.

Grabbing California donuts for the coworkers on Monday.

They're so fun.

Nice sunset on the drive back home.