2018 May 13 | Monterey: Tor House, flowers at Lover's Point, Cal's Marina casino

I buy Ogii some Black Hills jewelry every year for her birthday. This year I bought her a ring early but she saw the box and kept bothering me about it until I let her open it early.

Uh oh; eating sunflower seeds in the car. I'm turning her into a redneck.

We spent Saturday in Monterey. First stop was the Tor House, which was built by Robinson Jeffers, a poet. The tours only allow a few people in each group, under ten at a time.

There is a house and also, most interesting, a tower he built by hand over years. Here is Ogii coming up the tower.

And in the secret passageway in the tower.

Looking through a porthole in the tower.

You can go way up on top.

Ogii coming up.

Me at the top.

Us with the ocean behind us.

Looking down at one house.

And at the main house.

And out towards the ocean.

Time for lunch at Crown and Anchor.

Great British food.

The onto Happy Feet massage.

The have massage chairs out in this open area, too.

Looks like they're about to open a Five Guys in this area.

I got a haircut and they put this cream in my hair.

Ogii likes how they styled my hair; she thinks I look more professional. The only problem is I have very thing hair and it tends to fall down rather than stay up like this.

A nice painting.

The onto Lovers Point for all of these pink flowers in bloom.

Ogii kneeling by some flowers.

Out on some rocks.

Sitting my some more.

With some trees in the background.

There were a ton of them blooming.

A nice house with huge windows.

Long line at the car wash.

That evening we went Cal's Marina Club Casino.

They have spread limit hold'em, which means you can only bet a certain amount each time. In this case, you can bet between one and six dollars each time. Since it's a little different from no-limit hold'em, this employee showed us how the betting works. You won't see the owner of the place showing you how to play in many casinos, but you will here.

It's pretty small; they only have two tables for poker.

They get their food from a great restaurant just across the street.

Since you pretty much always bet $6 and I'm pretty slow at counting out six chips each time I want to bet, I organized my chips into stacks of six.

Time for a pyramid.

Even though you'd think there wouldn't be very big pots since the max bet is $4, they can get pretty huge. Preflop it's capped after three raises, so the most it can cost to get to the flop is $24. The same is true after the flop if there are three or more players in a hand, but if there are only two, they can keep re-raising each other until they're all-in. Most people bought in for $100 and this guy has over $400. One guy across the table has over $600, the guy beside him has a little less, and a guy to the left out of the picture also has around $600. The two guys with $600 regularly capped it preflop and kept betting non-stop the entire way through the hand. It was crazy. Once one of them busted and the other left, though, it settled down a bit.

One lady pulled up the cup holder and slung her purse strap around it. That's a pretty neat idea.

Housework on Sunday. Spraying wasp nests.

Doing laundry. I didn't know our washer had a delay start mode. So you can put your laundry in it in the morning, set it to start an hour before you get home, and then throw it right into the dryer after work. That'll save some time on laundry night.

Some new kittens practice climbing with mom watching closely.

Hiding behind some plants.

The other one.

Hiding down in a little drainage pipe.


Mama coming and checking on them.

Sticking his head out.

A video of the kittens playing in the back yard.

A huge field of flowers.

A problem with LA: sometimes something really cool will happen, but it will sell out almost instantly.

The California Supreme Court completely changed how independent contractors are delineated from employees.

It's amazing how cheap huge, flat TVs have become nowadays.

One of Ogii's relatives got first place in a Tae Kwon Do tournament in Mongolia. Nice!

Big Windows update.

Not sure how useful any of this will be.

You can transfer pictures to and from your phone, but if it's only one picture at a time, that's not that great.

You can also talk to dicate directly now instead of using a third-party program. I wonder how well it works.

Ooh, is that a new video editor?

Ah, nope, just their same crappy one.

If we had $65 million sitting around, we could buy this huge plot of land. I guess marijuana greenhouses are the new big thing.