2018 May 20 | coworker retirement party, LA to pick up Ogii family at LAX

I bought a bunch of postcards when I was filling in near Yosemite and sent them to Ogii every week.

Great dinner by Ogii.

The ground squirrels on the way to Monterey are back out.

There was a retirement party in Monterey for a doctor I worked with.

It was on the top floor of the Marriott.

Nice space.

Neat bar downstairs.

A view of the wharf.

Our drinks enjoying the view.

And us.

A big card people could write on.

Another doctor played some songs on a saxaphone.

The dinner was color coded. Purple...

... for chicken.

And blue for salmon.


The nurses dancing.

We couldn't stay too late because we had to get up early the next morning and drive down to LA. The clouds are just above the hills.

Awesome door.

And an awesome house next to it.

We had lunch at The Shack near the beach.

Outdoor patio.


They were voted best burger in LA.

Funny writeup.

A burger with hotdogs on it.

They're hosting a chili cookoff.

Baseball nearby.

And onto volleyball.

Uh oh, rubbed my contact lens out of my eye and it fell into the sand.

Ogii thought of just sticking it to my sunglasses. It kinda worked, but not that well.

It gave her the idea of making stick-on prescription lenses. It seems at least basic reading ones have already been made, but they don't seem to work that well. Plus there's the whole problem of them requiring a prescription in the US. But a neat thought.

Uh oh; we heard a crash behind us.

Someone didn't stop in time.

Cute mural.

Then we headed to the Pico Block Party. It had some food trucks.

Various booths.

A kids zone.

An art studio.

Another one where the artist had created some virtual objects.

You could watch people try to pick them up and throw them.

Screen printing.

A gallery.


Ogii was craving some ice cream. We lucked out and these guys were selling some.

Frying garlic smells so good.

Ogii went to a temple on Sunday morning for her mom.

It happened to be a monk's birthday.

Some new apartments right by the medical office I worked at part time in LA. It would have been a perfect place to live if I worked there full time.

This apartment complex has a sand volleyball court.

Unique color.

We took Monday off to go to doctor's appointments. Doctor number one.

And number two.

Yeah, someone who parks like this is a diva.

The doctors were near UCLA. After those two, we drove down to LAX to pick up Ogii's family. How can it be so busy on a Monday?

People coming off of international flights.

A flight arrived approximately every five minutes. Super busy.

Pretty picture.

Waiting for the shuttle bus to take us to the car rental while Ogii drives our car there with her brother.

Maybe we should get them the new Corvette.

Then back to UCLA for doctor visit number three.

And lab work for us both. The doctor had asked us if we were fasting, and we said no, but then we realized we had been so busy we didn't have breakfast or lunch, so I guess we were. Nice; get a few more labs done.

These scooters are in LA, but they're not nearly as popular as in San Francisco.

Neat giant chess set.

I love this palm tree on the right.

Cool building.

Stopping for dinner with Ogii's brother on the way back home.