2018 May 27 | San Francisco with Ogii relatives

A chess game with Ogii's brother.

Uh oh, he got me.

Her relatives sent us this instrument, very nice.

Ogii always cooking great meals.

The city put in a new cover for this electrical thing after it had been broken for many months.

Not the best of meals, but fast and cheap.

They're putting up a big windmill at work.

The next day they had put the vanes on.

Ogii's brother can also cook.

I had to take the car in for an oil change, so he sat around the house and watched soccer.

And Ogii drove down to LA to pick up her other relatives.

Palm trees and flowers.

Mural of flying things.

She took them to the beach.


Running away from the coming wave.

Some seaweed.

The adults.

Lunch time.

A semi smoking in the mountains. Hopefully his brakes are OK.

They all made it here in time for a dinner of pot roast.

The kids played video games.

The adults drank.

Ogii double fisting her drinks.

That didn't stop her from getting up bright and early the next morning to cook breakfast.


Then we drove up to San Francisco. There was a blimp out in the middle of nowhere; that's weird.

So many cars stopped in the middle of the streets in this city.

On the cool side, though, trolleys in the middle of the streets. I should have given this guy a high five as they came past.

Headed down Lombard Street.

Curving around.

Then onto the Golden Gate Bridge.

Of course, it's absolutely packed on the way there. We were in traffic for 30 minutes the last few miles there. Bicyclers walking their bikes were passing us.

But we made it.

The family plus a friend of theirs who lives in the Bay Area. He organizes a lot of Mongolian events there, so maybe we'll come up to some of them in the future.

I'd never actually been to Fort Point before. Nobody else from Mongolia there today.


History info.

The magazine.

Ogii by some cannonballs.

A cannon.

Up the stairs.

Looking out the window...

... at the Golden Gate Bridge above. The fort was there long before the bridge, though.

On top of the fort.

The family with San Francisco in the background.

Me by a watch tower.

Looking down into the middle of the fort.

Ogii and me.

The city, some mini cars, and a cable car tour; so very San Franciscan.

Driving back, we had to dodge bicycles, walkers, and scooters.

Lots of fags out for Memorial Day.

A cool house.

Then to Japantown.

A huge line at a Japanese dollar store.

A huge line for ice cream.

Neat little bridge.

Lots of stores there.

Restaurant row.

Lots of them down here.

Good lunch.

Some upcoming events.

Trying frozen-nitrogen cereal.

It's pretty cold.

A sign warning not to use metal cards. I don't use my metal cards in any of these automatic payment kiosks after getting one stuck a few years ago in LA.

The onto the wharf. Uh oh, it looks like it's going to be expensive to park there. The cheapest nearby garage is $25 for the day.

Thankfully after 6pm it's only $10.

At the entrance to the wharf.

Always have to check out the sea lions.

A fair number of them today.

A bunch of babies.

A mom and her baby.

With the Salesforce tower, there are now three tall buildings you can see in this direction.

It's a bit cold and windy; time to put up our hoods.

A performer at the wharf.

Standing on a bunch of items.

An alpaca fleece store.

Checking out a scooter.

Neat church.

The moon behind a palm tree.

Another pain with driving in San Francisco: a lane will often change into a turn-only lane with no warning that I could see. In LA there are signs on the street, painted arrows on the ground, and the dotted lines between lanes get fatter and shorter, so you have plenty of time to know it's coming. In San Francisco, it seems sometimes there are none of those. So you get lots of situations like this, where the guy is blocking traffic to get into the non-turn lane, and it's not even really his fault he didn't know.

Neat skyscrapers.

Cool building.

We stayed in an AirBnB house for the night.