2018 Jun 03 | LA with Ogii's brother, Candytopia

Ogii bringing us good luck.

Awesome mini games in the McDonald's Happy Meals.

Hungry Hungry Hippo? We should buy some Happy Meals.

Eating at Buffalo Wild Wings with Ogii's brother.

Soccer on this screen.

Nice house.

This sounds cool. Bioluminesent algae after a night hike. However, you have to email them and hope you win their lottery for tickets.

And we got some!

So off to Griffith Park for the hike.

That's smart; they rented some bathrooms.

The start of the hike.

You weren't supposed to take pictures on the hike (they put this paper around your phone to remind you not to use it), so we don't have any, but the hike up was kind of weird and artsy; they had us stop at some fake airplane seating with phone calls and stuff. But eventually we got to the top, went into an old abandoned pool with bioluminescent dinoflagellates in water that you could walk around in and make glow, and then hiked back down.

The park is actually closed this late, so the main way out was gated. Thankfully this exit was open.

We stopped at Park La Brea to drop off some stuff for some Mongolians who live there. The place is huge.

Then onto the Farmer's Market.

This tea place usually has boba. Not today, though.

There was a car show there.

Us by a car.

With a mini racecar.

By a firetruck.

Cool engine.

There was some big event going on with the new Jurassic Park movie.

Filming it.

Ogii and her brother walking towards it.

Some big Amazon Prime box with it.

A Vilebrequin store is going to open at the Grove.


Ospreys flying overhead.

Ogii shopping.

Back at the Farmers Market.

Eating at my favorite restaruant there, Pampas Grill Churrascaria.

Chopping off the meat.

Everything on the plate is amazing.

Waffle shots: coffee in waffle cones. I'd think something like this would do well here with so many tourists who think it's a fun way to spend $6 for something so very LA.

Onto Venice Beach.

Watching surfers.

Some of the Bird scooters here. LA is too big for them to be used much, but around this area they work well.

Surfing lessons out of a van.

Tall palm trees.

Checking out the houses along the beach. I remember the world's smallest lawn, but not the water below it.


Very Asian.

A few volleyball courts there.

Cool crow's nest room.

Onto the stores area.

Muscle beach.

A guy with a lizard.

Basketball tournament.

There used to be tons of vendors here, but the city cleaned them out and now there are only a few.

A busker.

Nice rooftop.


White Men Can't Jump mural.

Under the Venice sign.

They're setting up for a concert.

Fun painting.

Onto the Venice canals.

There are bridges across.

A mini library.

Neat doors.

Colorful house.

Some ducks.

Scooters are not welcome.

Lots of houses have little kayaks.

Nice plants.

Under a mermaid.

Napping during massages.

Onto the Santa Monica pier.

Street entertainers.

They came around for money and this little girl in a stroller took a $10 bill out of their bucket.

Flipping over some guys.

Down to the pier.

End of route 66.

I've never seen a sea lion here before.

With the ferris wheel.

A singer.

This white guy is always out there dancing and singing; lots of people end up dancing with him.

Lots of people on the beach.

More entertainers on the Third Street Promenade.

Nice music.

I wanted to eat at Loteria Grill, but it apparently closed, so we ate at Johnny Rockets.

Looks like Loteria closed after 26 years because the rent was too expensive. Good luck to any other store who wants to go there.

Time for Candytopia.

The entrance.

Time to go in.

Neat first room.

A bust.

A suit of armor.

They only let around 25 people in at a time.

Tons of candy coming down from the ceiling.

The first hallway.

Ogii on a throne.

Willy Wonka.

Each room had some free candy.

Starry Night.




Marilyn Monroe.

An ocean room.

Pixie Sticks.

Everything made from candy.

Inside a shark.

Attacked by a shark.

A bright room.

Free candy.



Forest room.


Free candy.

Ogii surfing.

And getting confetti pooped on by flying pigs.

Unicorn and flying pigs.

Free candy.

Going through a tunnel.

Marshmallow ball pit.

You can feed the ball pit marshmallows.

Kissing a cow.

At the store at the end. No more free candy; now you have to pay for it.

Neat artwork.

Huge dragon.

Ogii has a pocket full of candy.

The onto Westwood to watch Deadpool 2 for Boaz's birthday.

Always lots of people for it.

More candy, but this time from the theater.

Group pic.

Us in the theater.

Some band playing just south of the theater.

Breakfast the next morning.

As long as you're in any lane except the far right one, you're good.


... at the same time as moonrise.