2018 Jun 10 | Soquel health fair vision screening

There was an accident on the other side of the highway when driving back from LA.

That side of the highway was really backed up.

Uh oh, now it's our turn.

Google Maps says it's an hour delay to go 3 miles.

So might as well hang out on top of your car.

Or hang out on the side of the road.

Walking their dog.

More people standing around. We just sat in our car and watched a movie on my phone; thankfully we could get a signal here.

Just make sure to get out of the way of the bikers coming through.

And we're moving again.

Looks like this was it.

Maybe it went up on the side of the road and flipped?

Ogii ran out of new posts to look at on her phone's Facebook so she started looking at mine.

The city is doing something with this thing in our front yard.

Ogii cooking.

Friday evening we went to Santa Cruz for a vision screening the next day. The hotel room had a fireplace.

And brand new paint; they hadn't even put up pictures yet.

Cool light on the wall.

They have pictures up from an annual 6-mile race there.

There's also a begonia festival. Maybe we could go to that in the future.

Or not; it appears 2017 was the last year they had it.

There was a movie theater right by the hotel.

With a bar.

And these cool lights.

Close up.

Brushed blue metal around the place; really neat.

Ready for the movie.

Right after we finish our food.

Love having two sinks in a hotel.

Up the next morning for breakfast. The hotel has a cool entrance.

Breakfast room.

Neat light.

Nice rose.

A little fog in the hills.

At the center for the health fair.

Dental area.

With lots of chairs and instruments.


The optometry area.

A couple of exam chairs.

And another one in the back.

Ogii setting out the donated frames.

Ooh, some Nikes; nice.

These matched my shirt.

Evan Morris, the other optometrist who volunteered on Saturday.

Ogii ran the autorefractor.

Doing well.

Other volunteers helped patients fill out the history form.

Me looking at a patient's eye.

And getting a glasses prescription.

Off to Wells Fargo to get some cash. These ATMs only give out $20s, though.

So I have to go in and exchange them for $100s because I hate having a lot of bills in my wallet.

Although these ATMs inside will dispense $100s. Why don't they put these outside so I don't have to come inside?

There's a little casino in Santa Cruz we went to check out.

They have lots of tournaments.

A collection of chips from various other casinos.

Pretty small; only a few tables. Nobody was playing yet, so they put us on a list and told everyone to come back at 7pm.

So we wandered off to get some dinner and ended up in this Indian restaurant.

A nice quote.

Neat lights on the wall.

We got the sampler.

Ogii ready to dig in.

Another restaurant that had a space theme.

Funky curved barriers.

Making lots of shakes.


Lots of chargers.

Cool trolley.

Then back to the casino for a couple of hours of poker. It was just one table and everyone was pretty fun.

I guess we had done the same vision screening one year ago.

Back to the health fair on Sunday. This guy ran helped Ogii run the autorefractor.

Another doctor, Patricia Ferrell, joined us on Sunday. She's a glaucoma ophthalmologist, but she still refracted patients. We didn't have too much pathology over the weekend, although one patient did have a fair amount of diabetic macular edema and hemorrhages.

The dentists stayed busy.

As did a massage and pedicure area.

After we were done and driving back into town, we saw this woman walking from the health fair, so we gave her a ride and dropped her off here.

It was a six-mile walk for her; I wonder if she walked all the way out there that morning. She got some free dental work done, so she was happy about that.

Lunch at Santa Cruz Diner.

Fun signs.

Ogii about to be eaten by a shark.

Our food.

Juicy burger.

Gilroy has garlic, Castroville has artichokes.

A giant one.

Neat painting.

Hanging clothes on their trees to dry.

Nice entryway.

And some traffic when we're almost home.

A firetruck coming up on the shoulder.

Cutting through cars.

It looks like a trailer hauling hay started on fire.

Home and time to mow. These snails like to hide under the downspout diverters, so Ogii picks them up and moves them so they don't get chopped up.