2018 Jun 17 | watching Combo Breaker Street Fighter Tournament and World Cup at home

Aw, a new baby kitten.

It looks like there's something wrong with its leg.

Looks pretty bad, actually.

So Ogii put it in a box and took it to the vet. It was really weak, though; it was barely moving.

A little paw out of the box.

It got out of the box and was under the car seat.

The vet said it probably was too late to do anything and they put it down. Poor thing.

I ordered some contact from this online company which is really cheap.

It looks like the other box I have.

Only difference I can see is that its made in the UK, not the US.

Cool pen. I could use it to measure pupillary distance.

It has a mini level, too.

Looks like it was some promo pen.

The Combo Breaker tournament was on this weekend. It's nice when they put up the full schedule in an easy-to-glance-at chart.

The new game was Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, which had all of the old games.

They set it to randomly select which game the players would be competing in. Here it picked Street Fighter Alpha 2.

The players were Justin Wong on the right and this other guy on the left. Justin was probably the best player at the game when it was out. So the other guy got up and just walked away before they started playing because he knew he couldn't win.

Just kidding, he'll play. But Justin won.

Next up was Street Fighter III: Third Strike.

And again, the two players, Ricki Ortiz and Justin Wong, were among the best in the world at it.

They were having a lot of fun; here they just sat back and charged up their super meters before starting the match.

The next game was Street Fighter Alpha 3.

Again the two competitors, Alex Valle and Justin Wong, were the best in the world at the game. Crazy how the random select kept picking the games the players were extremely good at, although Justin was good at almost everything in this time range.

Very fun commentators, too.

I searched for Don't Stop Believing and YouTube showed me an ad for their nearest show. Kinda creepy, but hey, that might be a good show, so it's useful, too.

A popular Starcraft announcer, Totalbiscuit, died from cancer. The front page of Reddit was almost completely about him.

OK, this is a classic situation: 3 pawns versus 3 pawns. I've studied how to win this.


You're supposed to move the middle pawn first, not a side one. So much for that win.

20 year Eagle Scout anniversary.

My new jeans were a bit too long, so Ogii hemmed them. It looks like it was done professionally on a machine.

A mother cat staying close to her four new kittens.

Ogii cleaned the back yard a bit.

And found a $10 bill. I'm not sure why it was tied in the middle; maybe it was tied to a balloon that floated into our yard?

The local Subway is now hiring. They don't pay that much, but we could just walk half a block to work.

Some good World Cup games on Sunday. It says they're on Telemundo and Fox. We can't get Fox, but perhaps Roku has Telemundo?


I wonder how many other channels we're missing out on that we don't even know we get. Then again, probably better to not spend all night watching TV.

First game: Germany vs Mexico.

It was a very unexpected win by Mexico.

Then Brazil vs Switzerland. The one thing I like about watching soccer on Telemundo versus Fox or BBC or anything else is the announcers are always much more excited, even if I can't understand most of what they say.

Soccer, pizza, and chips: lazy Sunday.

I wanted to get a car wash but the system was down somehow.

They just had to restart it. And it's Windows.


I don't know why these two people are driving like this around a cop. First, the guy in front: why not pull over and let the cop go by? And second, the guy in back: why tailgate the cop? Those both seem like they're just asking to get a ticket.

A bit backed up here.

Looks like these two hit each other, but since we're only going like 10mph, not much damage.

They still made everyone jam into one lane around them and slowed it down even more.

Some people trying to get in from the side, except by now, we're all going really fast and it's hard for them to merge.

Some llamas on this farm.

With goats in the back.

Looking at houses in the area on the various realty websites. This one has an amazing front room.

Equally nice in the back.

This one is out in a rural area.

It has lots of room for horses.

$4.5 million.

A bit out of our price range, but quite nice.

One optometry classmate, Samina, just opened a new practice.

Another one, Ryan, has had his office for five years now.

Great, I have 14 points with Best Buy. I don't think they're that valuable.

There's a branch office law in California which prevents optometrists from owning too many practices, I believe to limit the control of big optical chains. They're fighting about how many offices one optometrist can own in the legislature.

These fluoroscein strips have been out of stock for months now. One major provider of them stopped a while ago and everyone bought up all of the others.

Even when I try to order some from websites that say they're in stock, I get an email that apparently they weren't.

Same thing with the drops, although apparently now the one with proparacaine is back in limited supply, while the benoxinate one is still not available.

I did find some of these very old fluorescein paper strips in one office, though.

They're made by Haag-Streit, which is mostly known for slit lamps.

They're like match books. Neat, although as far as I know they're not available any more.