2008 Mar 30 | Driving back from SD

My cruel, cruel parents sent me an Easter present but didn't put enough postage on it and made me pay for it myself. :)

A bunch of us went to a wine and dessert party a couple of our classmates had at their apartment. I hate pretty much all wines and didn't find any new ones that I liked. Someone did bring a beer called Kriek Lambic that was really interesting, though.

Even the guy who brings the food and liquer at the airport has to go through security. What a pain.

The guy behind me had all 3 seats to himself. If I would have noticed it sooner, I would have offered him $20 to switch spots so I could lay down across them and sleep.

I love sleeping like a German: the room is about 20 degrees and you have layers and layers of covers.

The one thing I really miss about the rural midwest is being able to see forever. I love sunrises and sunsets. Plus, having nobody else at all on the interstate makes it much easier to drive.

This car really freaked me out. He's driving in the same direction I am, but he's on the little road beside the opposite interstate lane rather than on it. For a second, though, I thought I was in that scene out of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

I always forget to bring sunglasses for driving, and my eyes are really sensitive to light, so I end up buying the cheapest pair at a gas station.

I hate I-80. It's full of semis that love to pass each other going 1 mph faster.

Plus, it has tons of construction zones, so the speed limit is constantly jumping all over the place.

A section of interstate in Texas was closed down under a bridge because this semi had crashed and burned up.

If you were on a long trip, you paid for gas with credit cards, and the government had access to the information in all of the the gas pumps, they could track how fast you went between each set of gas stations. Then they could just mail you a ticket if you would have had to speed to make it.

This gas station was 10 cents per gallon cheaper than the one a couple hundred feet closer to the highway.

A bunch of blue, yellow, and red flowers are blooming in Texas.

And, of course, traffic had to get jammed up from one more accident in Houston before I could get home.