2018 Jun 24 | The Shack chili cook-off, LABV, Sarnai presents, poker with Ogii family

It's been pretty hot; my phone won't work some times.

So I tilt the air conditioning vents onto it to cool it down.

Put my candy bar in the vents over here so it don't melt.

A huge chunk of meat at this Mexican restaurant; enough leftovers for two meals.

A really long car. Maybe Ogii could buy that to drive to and from work.

Ogii cooking.

Looking good.

We often leave little snacks or gifts on each other's pillows.

Finally got some fluorescein strips.

Although they're not going to sell them on Amazon any more.

Looking for things going on in LA. $8 for tickets to an outdoor concert sounds pretty good.

Oh, that's just for parking. The tickets are $149. That's not happening.

Ogii reading on the drive to LA.

There's construction here and the left lane splits off into it's own section between these two concrete dividers and the right three lanes stay together. I think the right lanes are safer because exactly this can happen: if someone gets into an accident in the one lane, everyone gets stuck behind them. They can barely sneak around but it's still a pain. This was the same problem Houston's carpool lanes had.

At the carwash in downtown LA.

Some gigantic ads for Fallout 4.

Shoe shine and chair massage time.

Ogii gets a massage.

I get a shoe shine. The guy did a really good job; they were a little rough on the edges so he sanded them down.

And we can watch the World Cup games.

Others watching, too.

Cool car.

I want some boba.

Aw, they're not open yet.

This Sprint store still advertising Pokemon Go.

Ogii made reservations for haircuts for both of us at Atelier by Tiffany. It's pretty nice inside.

My haircutter was really nice and informative; he said where my hair was too short and too long.


Nice decor.

And I'm done. Although it's a bit more of a Korean pop star haircut than I'm used to.

Ogii after hers.

Mexico won their game against Korea. Lots of Mexicans were celebrating in Koreatown.

These guys had a flag sticking out of their car.

We caught the Germany game.



Now time for some volleyball.



Diving and reaching.

Me bumping.



Running hit.

Great form.

Battle at the net.

Kat and Kendra came and played.

A video of one of our games.

The onto the Shack.

For their chili cook-off.

Lots of people.

First tasting.

She's pretty excited.

Some great ingredients.

Us tasting the first one.

Onto the next.

Fun sign.

Number three.

Some were pretty spicy; we needed beer to cool our tongues.

Number four.

Looks good.

Our personal favorite.

The front booth.

Good food and good times.

This is the first Tesla I've seen with color-changing paint.


Some scooters sitting by a gas station.


Then a few presents for Sarnai.

Tearing them open.

Her uncle putting her new scooter together.

Testing it out.

Now time to put the race car track together.

That's a bit more involved.

Yeah, kids would have a pretty rough time.

Considering three smart adults are still having trouble.

And they got it. Maybe; the cars shoot off the track at one point.

Time for a little poker.


Why do they have so many chips and we have so few?

One palm tree is fuzzy and one is not.

We felt like going to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner so we stopped by the one in the Glendale mall.

Rick Caruso designed The Grove in Los Angeles and also the Americana at Brand in Glendale, which you can tell because they both have structures that are the same, like these lights and clocks.

A fountain just like the Grove.

And a similar trolley as well.

Neat coasters.

Although the gold edges are a bit gaudy.

The maitre d' at the Cheesecake Factory had a Pokemon Go catcher on his wrist; I bet there are a lot around here.

It was a beautiful day, so we sat outside. Except it got a little hot, so Ogii made a sun shade out of her napkin.

Time to eat.

Lots of employees on break. It's 2:30pm, so we thought it'd be pretty slow, but it was still completely packed.

Lots of sheep on the way home.