2018 Jul 01 | Princess Bride at Forest Theater in Carmel, wedding reception

Always nice to come home to someone cooking a great meal.

My white coat is a bit too long for her.

The printer says some of the ink is running low.

They have an easy-to-use link to buy it from their site.

But it's much cheaper to buy in bulk on Amazon.

The ink cartridges in the printer light up.

And the ones that are low on ink blink.

The lower on ink, the faster it blinks. Neat, but not really that helpful; after all, it says which cartridges are low on the popup on the computer.

A pretty upscale restaurant.

Or not; just the McDonalds by the wharf in Monterey.

Nice ceiling.

A guy reading a book by himself while eating. I used to do this a lot, but I haven't really read that much recently.

We went to the Forest Theater in Carmel to watch an outdoor showing of The Princess Bride.

Lots of people here even though it's already an hour before the show.

The princess handing out programs.

The announcer.

This woman who works at the theater made her own ROUS costume.

Ogii in the princess chair.


And punch.

Cole Weston, a photographer, established the Forest Theater Guild in Carmel to produce outdoor plays.

A woman with a shirt with a quote from the movie and a princess with a little sleeping princess.

The stage.

Costume contest.

This entire family dressed up and won.

A diverse crowd.

Free candy boxes.

Ogii with her hot chocolate and candy.

Blowing up the screen.

Almost there.

Time for the movie. It's a beautiful setting.

It's super-dark on the roads here; there are no street lights.

The next night was a wedding reception for one of Ogii's coworkers.

The photographer getting a shot from the second floor of the house.

Cupcake cake.

Nice setting.

Our seats.

Wine and flowers.

One of the women made baklava. I usually don't like it, but this was homemade and amazing.

Nice pool.

A little hose going to the outdoor plants in pots. That's much easier than watering them all individually.

Time to dance.

More people out there.

A belly dancer.

Others dancing with her.

The bridge and the belly dancer.

Cutting the cake.

Time to eat it.

Ogii and her coworker.