2018 Jul 22 | Christmas in July in South Dakota

The San Jose airport is fairly busy. It's a random Friday; why are these people flying?

Early flight, everyone is sleeping on it.

It was cold on the plane, but it's nice and hot by the Pizza Hut pizza warmers.

Let's not stay too long in an airport that has tornado shelters.

Very colorful.

Our gate is 88, and the sign says straight ahead, but straight ahead is the end of the building.

Oh great, down into this hole.

Ogii working on the crossword in the magazine.

Ooh, I should know this one.

And it's done!

Scattered clouds.

That's an amazing house.

Momma and baby FedEx planes.

North Dakota getting some money.

First thing you see upon walking into the camper: so many snacks.

Fun with squirt guns.

And water bottles.

Monica taking the kids out for a ride: phone and drink in one hand, wagon handle in the other.

Easter egg hunt.

Enjoying the hanging chair and hammock.

Mom helping Ogii open an icepop.

Ogii downing it.

A frog hopping by.

Getting away.

She caught it.


Peaceful view.

Too many coolers.

Mom making pancakes: Pamcakes.

Two types of bacon.

Wolfing it down.

Ogii walking with Liam.

And with the others.

I remember this had from when I was a little kid.

Blowup assortment.

Filling up water.

Squirting water into a hole.

Fishing in the pool.

The kids ready to go on the boat.

Walking to the dock.

On the boat.

Bruce enjoys driving the boat.

Ready to fish.

Playing on the floats.

Logs and buckets.

Great lunch.

Adults taking a break.

Everyone loves squirt guns.

Driving back.

Make sure you keep your aqua socks on.

Time for the adults-only cruise.

Ogii is wearing the life jacket I wore as a kid.

Ogii almost catching a fish.

Kids jumping off the bridge.

A video.

Mom driving the boat.

Siblings hanging out.

Monica throwing a stick for the dog at the dock.

He could do this all day.

Ogii by some flowers.

Husking corn.

Dad grilling burgers and dogs.

Great dinner.

Christmas in July cake.

Looks good.

Love the chocolate inside.

Who doesn't love Moana?

Dad opening some pictures.

Looking through the picture book.

Roasting marshmallows.

Everybody eating some.

Ogii downing one.

I think she missed some marshmallow.

Sticker books.

Not bad.

Big storm that night.

Ogii got a shot of some lightning.

Breakfast the next morning.

Ogii cooking French toast: French TOgiioast.

Ron is still faster than his kids.

Pinata time.


Mom! Ron took all the gummy eggs!

And toys.

Ron throwing a toy parachute figure. Loved those as a kid.

These kids' chairs require approximately 10,000 PSI on a little button to make the legs contract.

Everyone on the boat.

Back on the farm, and first things first: finding giant spiders.

Everyone out to the field.

To take photos on a bale.

Ron and kids.

Big family.

Monica power posing.

Kids throughout the years: 1990.



Ogii resting in the very tall grass.

After a hard day's work.

Cooling off.

Monica packing up all of her jerky.

Nice bench.

Ogii and me on it.

Monica flying the drone.

Going out.

Coming in.


Relaxing deck.

Cats under the trailer.

A kitten peaking out.

Coming out for some food.

Speaking of food, one of my favorite restaurants of all time: Mr. Bob's Drive-In.

As good as it was 20 years ago, and tastes exactly the same.

Chowing down.

At a little pub near the hotel in Bismark.

Big pretzel.

Up early to fly out.


Winding river.

That's a neat ring. If it's under $200 I'll buy it.

Guess not.

Cool landscape.

It switches from brown desert to green fields here.