2018 Jul 29 | San Jose police charity poker tournament, house hunting

The San Jose Police Amateur Athletic Foundation had a charity poker tournament. Lots of great food.

And alcohol.

And desserts.

They also had a silent auction.

A Tecmo Bowl picture signed by Bo Jackson? That might be the coolest thing I've ever seen at a silent auction.

And a Mike Tyson Punch Out one. These would be awesome together.

Tripled-signed jersey. Although I'd want to wear it, not just display it, and it's huge.

A guitar signed by Travis Tritt. Someone bought this almost instantly.

Raider's helmet signed by Derek Carr.

Prizes for the poker tournament winners.

This company provides the tables, cards, chips, and dealers.

More great food out; time for seconds.

And we begin.

The guy beside me had this vodka as a bounty. If you knocked him out, you won the vodka. I knocked him out, but then he rebought, so he got to keep it. Aw, so close.

A drink and lots of chips; a great combo. I had the second biggest stack at the table, only behind the guy across the table who got super lucky early on. The first hand he flopped two pair and doubled up, the second hand he had AA and won a ton, and the fourth hand he had JJ and also won big. But it's a tournament; you just have to wait for good hands and not push it too much with bad ones.

Fun with chip stacks.

Ogii's getting low.

I had KK, another guy had TT, the guy beside me had 56 suited, and another guy had 89 suited. We ended up getting it all in and the guy to my right made his straight, but I wasn't too worried because I had way more chips than him; I mainly wanted the chips from the other big stack, which I got.

It's always nice when everyone is having fun at the table. Although the dealer was kinda yelling at us for having too much fun.

One of the cake pops matches both of our outfits.

I was getting a little low and went all in with AT. Except I got called by A2 and AQ. Spiked a ten, though, so I'm still in. Eventually got grinded down and went out when I made a pair on the flop, went all in, and a guy with two overcards called and hit one. Overall a really fun tournament.

Uh oh, there's smoke on the north end of town.

It was the new marijuana processing plant.

Pretty sunset.

Looking at houses. First stop was 705 Nacional Ct. The same builder made all of the houses in this little cul-de-sac, so they all look similar. All the houses on the cul-de-sac are really nice, but the rest of the neighborhood around them is pretty bad.

Decent back yard.

A place for lots of fruit trees.

Nice kitchen.

Double sinks.

A big closet.

Looking down from the second story.

Nice living room, although Ogii doesn't like carpet.

Second house was 1334 Riker St. This is in a better neighborhood and pretty cheap for the size.

It was a bit older style.

They had built this large addition onto the house.

Decent back yard.

A lot was paved over to make a boat or RV parking spot.

Double exits.

A game room.

And an office, both in the addition. A lot of buyers had thought about making one of these the master bedroom and the other a master bath, but there's no water to the addition, so it'd be a lot of work to add that in.

Pretty small bathrooms.

And bedrooms.

The fence is rather old, too.

Random stuff stored back here.

Looking for sprinklers in the front yard.

An old German woman lives in this house nearby.

Dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant.

It was pretty good.

Another nice sunset.

Eleven presents for Ogii, one for each day before her birthday.

More houses. This one was 1233 Pajaro St. Nice front yard.

Cool double doors.

The neighbors have some amazing palm trees, and the other neighbors had just cut down a big one, too.

Another neighbor has nice roses and is a San Francisco 49ers fan.

Huge entertaining room.

Small half bath for party guests.

The kitchen is amazing.

As are the bedrooms.

Cedar closets.

Ogii is going to have to buy more shoes to fill the space.

Double sinks.

Dual showerheads.

A jacuzzi.

Nice covered backyard patio.

We could put a grill over there.

A great spot for hanging out when the weather is nice.

Storage area.

The house itself is pretty old, though, 1958, and some areas, like the garage, show it.

The heater looks quite old as well.

Lots of paint; I wonder if they recently updated the house. The key areas (kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms) are really, really nice, but there might be some major problems we'd have to fix with a house this old. Or maybe it'd actually be built better than newer houses and be a good value.

Wow, this house looks massive. Ogii wants to know if we can afford it.

Oh, that was the mansion that sold for $1.7 million. So no, we can't afford it.

It doesn't look like we'll get an offer through that's much lower than asking; some are even going slightly above.

Although I'm not sure if now is a good time to buy a house anyway. It seems like they economy is headed for a slowdown.

Or even a recession.

Also, looking at the last housing crash, we're close to the same prices that happened. In fact, the house we're looking at sold for the same price as it's selling for now in 2006, then sold again for a third of the price in 2009. That must have been horrible for the 2009 sellers.

Army trucks near Camp Roberts.

There's always a slowdown here; it goes to one lane due to construction. Sometimes you can take the little side road and get around the heavy traffic, but you don't save too much time according to Google Navigation this time.

Although I think Google Navigation was wrong; I could be going 65mph on the side road, and we're all going 3mph here.

Neat sunset; you can see the shadows of the clouds.

This mini Statue of Liberty and US flag is on a hill on highway 41. This older couple was watching the sunset there.