2018 Aug 05 | volleyball with Ogii's coworkers

I stopped by this store on the way home from work to get Ogii some flowers. The owner started as just a flower shop and has slowly added more items. She works a lot but hopefully is growing her business. She makes some really nice arrangements and they're much cheaper than most flower stores.

Flowers and candy.

More flowers. I saw this panda bear on another flower and asked if she could add one onto this. She didn't have another one, but she took that one off and sewed it onto this.

Ogii opening a present: a puzzle of a baby goat.

It's super-hot around Bakersfield.

Some Mongolian chocolate.

It's really good.

Oreos on sale, but you must buy 4 or more. Who eats that many Oreos?

I much prefer the spearmint, but they're out.

When I sat down on this chair I heard a snap. One of the legs broke. But it's still pretty useable; maybe we can just glue this back on.

Ogii organized a volleyball party for her office. It was at the Carmel beach.

They even have rakes here; pretty professional. Those would get stolen in under a day in Los Angeles, though.

Parking was pretty packed, but I found a spot fairly close and saved some room for Ogii since we had a lot to carry.

Some really nice houses there.

A couple of squirrels smelled our food.

And decided they wanted some.

Working his way up.

No fear at all.

A video of one.

Lots of sandwiches.

Beer and a burger.

Everyone eating.

Time to warm up.


Jump hit.

And the games begin.


Ogii bumping.

Nice hit.

Back at her.

Everyone hyped up.

A seagull checking out the action.

Diving hit.

And another.



From the other side.


Everyone's eyes on the ball.

Jumping hit.

Running up.


Ogii having fun.

Walking down to the ocean.

Playing in the water.

Very pretty.

Big tree.


Back to volleyball.

Ogii hitting.

And another.


Not gonna make it to this one.

Hair braiding.

Nicely done.

The squirrels tried to steal our chair covers and take them down into their holes; thankfully the string got snagged on this plant.


I wonder if this guy works for Tinder or if it's just a play on the phrase.

Some new Microsoft licensing agreement. I thought I bought and own Excel; how can they force this one me?

A good way to decide what restaurant to eat at.

The two curviest streets in San Francisco. Everyone knows Lombard St, but we randomly went down Vermont St a while ago when we were waiting for the DMV.

A pretty shot of Los Angeles, but this guy puts a ton of hashtags on his pictures.

The chess app kept downloading the wood board. Shouldn't that be the normal one that's already stored?

An optometry office is closing and selling some equipment.

I Googled his name and it comes up at this location.

When we went and looked it was closed for the day and looked normal, though.

I like how San Diego does their CE: they do 2-hour dinner meetings with occasional 5-hour weekend ones.

Ogii found a cool shirt: it says one thing this way...

... and something else when you flip the sequins.

I've never seen a sequin flip shirt before, but apparently it's a thing.

Friday night is two sets of fights: real ones on the UFC, and videogame ones on the Capcom ProTour.

Aw, Mighty Mouse lost. He was on a 13-win streak before this, and this fight came down to a split decision. He's a fun fighter and person.

Kittens eating.

Sitting on top of mom.

Sleeping just on the edge of the shade.

An ad for a program on how to ride the bus. That seems pretty simple, but maybe not.

Where is normal Aquafresh?

I can't find it, only this Extreme Clean one, which I hate.

How can toothpaste be 3D?

Sunrise over a field.

A small hole had worn into the bottom of my shoe, so I got them resoled. Hopefully they hold up well.

Ogii almost to 250,000 miles.

And she hits it.

She wants to keep driving this car until it dies, and then she thinks she wants a Rav 4. Looks like right around 2-3 years old is when the price starts to stabalize, so maybe we'll shoot for one of those.

Windmill in the fog.

Some helicopters.

Looking at possibly getting an inflatable kayak. This one seems pretty good.

This one is better, but it's also 3.5 times more.

Now Mastercard has a black card, but it's not THE black card; that's the American Express Centurion, which you have to spend around $500,000 per year to get.