2018 Aug 19 | Hurricane Harbor, Pirate Dinner Adventure

Watching a movie at the Mayan Theater. They have the big recliners.

Ogii posing in the Nun cutout.

Bought some dress shirts on Amazon, but they all seem cheaply made and come out of the laundry wrinked. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to find good shirts online.

I bought this shirt at TJ Maxx a few years ago, which used to have pretty good quality, but it's already unraveling to the point of having holes. Same with Marshall's and especially Ross; they used to have great shirts but they've been horrible the past few years.

Cookies from the Mexican grocery store.

Cooking steak.

We usually cook a few big meals at the beginning of the week and then eat leftovers at the end of the week. We're cleaning a bunch of tupperware but no plates, so it must be leftover period.


Almost all of them are in the fridge.

When we go to McDonald's they almost always give us honey mustard instead of honey. So we ask for honey instead and they give us a few extra to say sorry. But we don't need that much so we just stack them up here.

Ogii dropped my car off to be detailed. It's nice to do every once in a while.

It's a little hot in the sun, so Ogii is hiding from it.

At Six Flags.

Hurricane Harbor with Kat and Kendra.

No bathing suits? Should we swim naked? Ah, except in waterpark.

They have outdoor movies. That's fun.

First stop: pick up our flash passes.

You scan them and then pick which ride you want to go on.

Although some were out of order.

You can put money on your wristband to pay for things. That's a nice idea.

Headed up the stairs.

On the way to Tiki Falls.

The flash passes had different entrances so you didn't have to wait as long.

Up the stairs.

At the top.

A nice view of the park.

Coming out of the ride.

The wave pool.

A band.

Long lines for food.

Pizza time.

The lazy river.

Walking along it.

This girl was riding her dad like a horse.

Down another slide.

Ogii at the end. You could rent blue tubes and keep them for yourself or wait for people with yellow tubes to come down. We just waited for yellow tubes because it wasn't that long.

Under a waterfall.

Multiple slides.

At the top of the next ride.

Ready to go.

Headed down.

This one was a slower ride.

Ogii having fun.

One of the twisted slides.

This one has a steep drop; we were all too scared to try it.

Great view of the wave pool.

Some other slides.

Black tubes.

Ogii coming out.

This one scraped us up a bit where the tube sections came together. One woman had pretty big slices taken out of her heels; she was even bleeding.

The curving tubes and the wave pool.

This woman on the left had "Porn Hub" on her top. I'm surprised she didn't get kicked out.

Relaxing in the wave pool.


The flash pass was definitely worth it. It saved a ton of time. We pretty much just walked up to the front of the line with no waiting on every ride.

Time for Tornado.

The entrance.

It's a four-person ride.

Hauling the tube up the stairs.

At the top.

This one was faster.

Some random guy gave us two free drink coupons, nice.

The steep ride while walking out.

Onto a pirate show in Orange County.

The Burger King across the street looks like a castle.

Anchor door handles.

A waiting area inside.


More around a map.

The gals with our pirate.

The four of us with him.

The setup.

Our pirate up on a ledge.

Everyone cheering.


Getting some kids in on the action.


Talking to the audience.

Sword fighting.

Acrobatics. Not very piratey.

More fighting.

A sea monster.

At the top of the ship.

Kids ready to go.

Kids capturing the bad guys.

Afterwards with the acrobat and our pirate.

A view from the top. It was very similar to Medieval Times, which is right down the road.

When we were walking by the employees of the month one of them was walking by. He pointed to his picture and we gave him a high five.

Nice painting.

On Sunday I had a CE meeting at the Orange County Mining Company.

Nice view of some nice houses.

Some huge ones on the tops of the hills over here, along with a restaurant.

Which has a gorgeous view as well.

The meeting room.



Nice, some of the sponsors also had more CE coming up.

Coastal Vision had this one...

... and this one, too.

Time to learn.

The bar has a nice layout.

As does the restaurant, with some large stained glass pictures.

Neat bathroom.

That's a rather graphic billboard.

Two separate types of palm trees near each other.

Aw man, this station is playing 80s and it's labelled as oldies.

Stopping by the outlet mall on the way home. 80% off.

And here.

And here.

And here. If they can sell it at 80% off in an outlet mall, how much is the markup normally?

Why are these purses so expensive? It's just someone's name.

The gas station cashier put "sold" stickers on my candy. But I'm just going to walk out. Do enough people really steal cheap candy that it's worth the time, effort, and expense to use these stickers?

A Mongolian calendar with lucky and unlucky days. And also good days to get a haircut.

Aw, it looks like someone is buying my dream home.

Smoky sunset.