2018 Aug 26 | Raiders game, Italian festival, water lantern festival

Ogii making a banana split.


Nice sunset.

We were looking into going to a Raider's game. They tend to get really expensive, although right now they're not so bad. In fact, the preseason games are really cheap.

Not sure why the Seattle game is so expensive.

We also looked at a 49ers game, as their stadium is closer, but the games didn't work out as well with our schedule.

For a preseason game, the really crappy seats are only $22, but for really awesome seats, 5th row in the Black Hole, are only $69; that seems to be worth the upgrade.

And some really amazing seats, 2nd row, for $110 each.

Considering regular season tickets are nearly $1000 for similar seats, that's a pretty good deal.

Let's head for the Black Hole.

We also pre-bought parking tickets because I figured it'd be crazy trying to find parking nearby.

However, that parking lot was full, even though we were guaranteed a spot, so we drove to an even closer lot that had plenty of space and paid cash. Guess we'll have to get a refund on our "guaranteed" parking tickets.

Lots of traffic near the stadium.

In front of the stadium.

The game had already started, but right when we got there, some guy had run onto the field.

We're almost on the field.

We were right behind the guy who dresses up as a gorilla, Gorilla Rilla.

With him.


A pano of the field and the crowd.

Looking back behind us: a sea of black and silver.

These guys put up and take down a net every time there's a field goal or extra point.

The action got pretty close.

The fans got really loud to distract the other team before the snap.

Another guy really dressed up.

Raiders headed the other way.

Running down the field.

A Bud Light cam.

This guy chugged his entire beer when it was on him.


These fans dressed up as Predators.

In front.

A ton of people waiting at the BART station.

Another great meal by Ogii.

Playing cards. Good luck clearing that.

This car wash only has one arm that cleans a half of the car at a time, so it's much slower than others that cover the entire car. I wonder why they made it like this.

Nice McLaren at the outlet mall.

At the Italian Festival in San Jose.

The parking lot was full, but we just waited a bit and someone left. They said someone have given them a parking pass for free, so they passed it onto us.


The band came down into the audience to dance.

Cooking stage.


Two types of trees.

I'm not sure how Italian kettle corn and bubble tea are.

That's more like it.

More food.

We got pizza and spaghetti.

And gelato.


A grape stomp competition.

Going at it.

The remains.

Another info stage.

This one was on ceramics.

Pretty flower.

A small band playing.

Opera singers.

Wine tasting.

Our glasses and tickets.

First stop.

Ogii getting some.

Second stop.

Ogii drinking in the trees.

Third stop.

Us drinking together.

Fourth stop.

Ogii sniffing.

Fifth stop.

Ogii getting greedy.

A culture tent.

Lots of old pictures.

Mask descriptions.

Stained glass window descriptions.


How they make it.

Teaching the younger generation.

Visitors marking their home cities.

After that it was onto the water lantern festival.

People picnicing on the grass.

Food trucks.

Me eating.

Ogii constructing her lantern.

Lucky lady; she got two sheets.

Drawing on the inside.

Nice words.

And some cute picures on the bottom.

I just went with pictures.

Both of us.

It's getting darker.

Launch time.

Some in front of us.

Ogii putting hers in.

And me.

Floating away.

Us with the lanterns behind us.

Pretty scene.