2008 Apr 06 | April Fools

I used this luggage for the first time when I went to Germany, and it was broken before I had ever unpacked it when it was thrown off of a train. The pieces that broke were plastic supports on the inside, so the fact that they broke didn't bother me at all; the luggage still works great. What's weird is every time I use it more pieces wander to the bottom of the suitcases. I always think I'll never see any new pieces because surely they are all gone by now, and every time I shake the luggage until no more fall out, but there are always more. Maybe they're coming through a wormhole into the suitcases.

I figured out these traffic lights on Alabama St the other day. Apparently the idea is that the middle lane can be used as an extra lane in either direction (say, one way in the morning and one way in the evening), so they have a green arrow or a red X to let you know which way it is. Actually, they could put all three lanes in the same direction. I think it's a great idea but I'm a little wary of it in practice, especially if they change the times. Then, someone who is used to driving in the middle lane might not notice it's actually a red X.

When you renew your vehicle registraion in Texas, you use a window sticker rather than a plate sticker. However, there's a plate sticker that just says "void," so there must be some vehicles that use a plate sticker instead. It seems like a waste to make a sticker most people don't use, though.

On April 1st we played a prank on Dr. Bergmanson. A few months ago he was joking with a guy who wore a pink shirt, so the entire class wore pink shirts on April Fools Day, which he got a kick out of.

Monica and I went to the Houston Symphony when she visited. Now they call me at least once a week and constantly send me postcards. I started telling them I hate the symphony and I only went because my sister wanted to go and please take me off their calling list, but now I recognize their number and don't even answer any more. They're worse than loan sharks.

I usually listen to public radio (88.7 here) on the way to school and then music on the way back. Lately, however, they've been doing their requests for money constantly, so I've had to listen to something else in the morning.

This stop light was on the fritz and stayed red in this direction and green in the other. Earlier in the day some people figured out the light was broken and treated it like a flashing red. However, there were some other people who were apparently too scared of running a red light and sat there for who knows how long. I hope they gave up after an hour and drove through.

Ah, great, a phonebook. Do people even use these things anymore? What a pain; now I either have to waste time and haul it to a recycling center or throw it away and feel bad about killing trees.

On Saturday we had a Texas BBQ with brisquet, pulled pork, beans, and salad. I made corn bread. I didn't like it as much as cornbread I've had in the past, but everybody else seemed to love it. I ended up making another batch, thinking they would eat some and I could save the rest for meals throughout the week, but they ate it all.