2018 Sep 09 | California City, CE in Long Beach

We saw this sign on the way back from Vegas. There's a city called California City?

It looks huge; that entire gray area is the city borders.

Ah, but almost nobody lives there.

It was also a planned city, which is why it looks so symmetrical.

Let's check it out.

Some civic organizations.

A cute turtle welcomes you.

The city workers are putting up flags for Labor Day.

At least one major chain hotel.

Central Park.

A wagon on top of the gate.

Nice field.

Ogii on a swing.

A pool.

A lake.

A fake bird.

A real bird.

A civic center.

Some nice houses.

Another one.

Passing by King City and we saw some horses.

A lot more.

I guess there was a West Coast Barrel Racing competition this weekend.

Somebody lost a hitch. Hopefully no trailer was attached when it fell off.

Ogii all wrapped up in laundry.

It's nice being able to print directly from our phones via wifi, although sometimes it takes a while to connect.

I used to think it just wasn't working, but you just have to wait a while for the printer to wake up.

Aw, the Montrose Crawl is still going on. Still my favorite Halloween party.

Easy Money is free on Amazon Prime.

But when we tried to watch it...

... Amazon said it was unavailable.

The one with this cover was free, though. I wonder if they are different versions?

In LA with some crazy traffic. What's that guy on the scooter doing in the middle of the road?

House with an amazing deck in San Pedro.

Dinner with Ogii's family and friend at Tara's Himilayan Cuisine.

Lots of good food.

Some free water and energy bars for being a rewards member.

They have strawberry waffles, but I didn't see that until after I had cooked a regular one.

The Queen Mary.

Lots of mushrooms.

There was a CE meeting at the VA in Long Beach.

It was free, but you were asked to bring a donation to the veterans. We bought a bunch of hygiene products from Amazon and left them in the box.

The CE was with Coastal Vision, which has some really good meetings.

There had been a power outtage the night before, so the store could only accept cash; their card systems were down. I guess the A/C was also out across the entire hospital, but it was southern California in summertime; it was beautiful anyway, even inside.

Aw, we liked to stop at the Chevy's in Burbank on the way home from LA, but it's closed now. I thought that would happen eventually when the Ikea next to it closed down a while ago, but it still seemed at least fairly busy afterwards.

I guess the parent company is having trouble.

$3 wine, that can't be very good, but we're not very discriminating.

This grocery store doesn't accept Visa. First time I've heard of that.

Amazon shipped something to us via UPS that required a signature. Except we're never home when they deliver, so we have to have it left at a store. Although now this says they might charge $5.50 for changing the delivery option? Hopefully not.