2018 Sep 16 | San Francisco for vlog

The kitten wants to come in.

Ogii feeding it.

Monday Night Football: two California teams.

The Black Hole.

Marshawn Lynch against half of the defense with him as he pushes forward for a touchdown. My favorite is the guy on the ground hanging onto his leg and just getting dragged along.

Gorilla Rilla is happy.


This sounds neat, but we won't be there.

Neat clouds.

We went to San Francisco for the weekend and stayed at the Queen Anne Hotel.

It's very upscale inside.

The elevator has a bench to sit on.

The bed.

A little table and bench in the room.

Lots of furniture in the hallway.

Beautiful stained glass skylight.

Headed down the stairs.

More skylights.

The main room.

A reading room.

What's Ogii reading?

About dogs playing poker.

We walked a few blocks to Japantown for dinner. This place might be good.

Always love Korean BBQ.

Lots of meat.

Chowing down.

Not a very good view of the Golden Gate Bridge due to the fog.

At a little convenience store by the hotel.

Ready for a long night of video editing.

Especially because I was using a new program I'd never used before.

At least the hotel has fast internet.

Ogii hanging out.

I got everything edited and was ready to sleep, but then realized it was saving as a very low quality. It took quite a while to make the entire thing, so remaking it in a larger file template wasn't going to happen. Thankfully I Googled around and found out I could make a few blank file at a higher resolution and just copy and paste all of the data from this one into that one, which worked, and was finally done around 2am.

Up early to see the sunset at the Painted Ladies, only a few blocks away from our hotel. The sprinklers were still going, but there was plenty of space between them.

A few other people there getting pics of the sunrise, too.

Very pretty.

Then onto the Bay Bridge.

Lots of car break-ins have happened here.

Then Pier 39.

And then up to Coit Tower, which I'd never visited before. It has a nice view to the west.

A long line to get in.

We'll just hang out in front.

A nice view of Lombard Street from nearby.

The Pyramid Tower.

We went to Treasure Island, but the entire shore was fenced off.

Due to a lot of construction. Guess we'll have to skip this one.

This fruit attracted a lot of butterflies.

A bunch of tourists.

Getting a view of Lombard Street.

Lots of people at the bottom, too.

A nice view of Coit Tower and the Bay Bridge.

And finally onto Crissy Field for a view of the Golden Gate, not shrouded in fog today.

In fact it was so nice we just laid on the beach like it was Los Angeles.

Some sort of sailboat race.

Our main problem with San Francisco: traffic. Or, narrow streets plus tons of Uber drivers and just random drivers stopping in the middle of a lane.

Nice mural on this Trader Joe's.

This car is facing the wrong way; that's not good.

New Orleans to San Francisco?

Driving around and looking at neat houses.

You don't see all of these old houses in LA.

Lots of rounded corners in this city.

Very nice decorations.



A Trump supporter with a loud speaker near the college.

I like their slogan.

San Francisco has a bunch of these mini cars, but Monterey has some as well.

Smoke over the hill.

A helicopter headed that way.

Nice sunset.

A cool poker variant called Power Up by PokerStars. You have special powers you can use throughout the hands. Here the guy scanned our cards to see one of our hole cards.

Another power that puts more cards on the board.

Some of the Chevys are closing, but there are still many open, especially around San Francisco.

One of their sister restaurants is Acapulco, although even more of them are closed.

Another sister restaurant with a few locations.