2018 Sep 23 | IMAX Thriller, Union Station Retrocade

The lines on this parking lot were worn almost completely off in some places, so it was nice seeing them repainted.

Meeting in Monterey.

Nice room.

I really want the $120 steak, but that might get me in trouble, so I'll just go with a $30 meal instead.

Ogii greeting the cats.

In Los Angeles for the weekend. The stairwell of the hotel smelled like weed and we happened to be staying in room 420. I thought we might get a bunch of potheads knocking on the door all night long, but thankfully not.

We could see Randy's Donuts from the window.

Breakfast at the hotel.

They had mini Nutella packets along with jelly and butter.

Driving by Randy's.

This guy is a party man.

Helping Ogii's brother with his luggage.


Ogii went to help at her old work with their books for a bit, so I went to SportClips.

They have a lot of TVs.

Including at each station.

Then off to the grocery store. I remember when we used to love getting the various candy you could put in a bag; I haven't seen those candies in a long time, though.

The gluten free cookies are $2 more.

Time for massages.

We were eating lunch and this little bird hopped up, so we threw him a piece of a fry.

Uh oh, his friends found out about it.

And now we're surrounded.

There was some kind of dog event going on, so there were a lot of neat dogs there.

The sign says this elevator is broken, but when we press the "call elevator" button, it's the only one that opens. Nuh uh; not getting in. The security guard came and helped us call a working one.

The Irvine Spectrum Center, a huge outdoor mall.

The theater there.

No 3D glasses yet.

Time for 3D glasses.

To watch Michael Jackson's Thriller in 3D.

It was pretty much the same, not that 3D, although they added a jump scare at the end.

It was kind of fun watching it on IMAX. Then we watched The House with the Clock in Its Walls, although we were really only there for Thriller.

Nice fountains in the mall.

Some neat lights.

The room at the Marriott was kind of weird; one normal-sized bed and one tiny one.

We're staying at the Marriott and the meeting is at the Wyndham. We stayed at this hotel because it was close to the meeting, so Ogii could sleep in instead of driving me there. I was thinking I was going to have to walk along Anton Blvd and then up the next road to get there...

... but looking out the window, it's right there. So hopefully I can just walk through the park area.

Looks like I can.

A little structure.

Hard to see, but there is a fish in the pond.

Some ducks.

Can't get in the first door I come to.

But I can get in the second one.

Nice entrance.

Reception area.

Front desk.


Sponsors showing doctors the new equipment.

Time for CE.

Always acronyms.

Ogii's up and watching a movie with a Marriott in it while staying at a Marriott.

Nice view from the hotel room.

I had texted her how to get to the conference hotel; just go this way.

She thought she was being sneaky getting a picture of me coming down the stairs in the mirror, but I can see her in the mirror, too.

Walking back.

Then onto Olvera Street in DTLA.

I'd been here multiple times for vision screenings, but I had never been down this little street with all the vendors.

There were also live bands playing for the many restaurants.

Ogii next to an old tree.

Women's monument.

The oldest house in LA is here.

Not too bad.

Looks very western.

Very nice.

There was a health fair there that day.

An optical store.

A clinic.

More clinics.


Free health checks.

Entertainment at the gazebo.

Interesting, this was the same health fair I had organized vision screenings for, but I didn't see any this time. I wonder why?

Union Station across the street.

The reason we came to DTLA: free arcade games.

I'm excited.

A lot of people in there.

Only play for two hours.

A lot of shooters.


Mortal Kombats.

Gotta love The Simpsons.

More multi-player games.


From the back.

Some guys playing a SNES.

A few more games back here.

Including Michael Jackson's Moonwalker.

Ogii playing the game.

The giant windows are nice.


There was a Pac-Man tournament happening later in the day.

Back down Olvera Street.

More booths.

We decided to stop here for dinner.

It looks festive.

It's also the oldest dinner house in LA.

Live music inside.

The bar.

Many tables.

That's a huge burrito.

It's so bright driving home Ogii had to wear two pairs of sunglasses.

This single square toilet paper dispenser is one of the most horrible inventions ever.

I thought this died in the 80s?

Full moon by the small statue of liberty.

A sparkly rose.

These plants were fun to poke.

Playing PokerStars Power Up, a variant of Texas Hold'em where you can use special powers. It's pretty fun, like here where I used deploy to get more cards on the board to try to hit my flush. Although the other player had a higher flush.