2018 Oct 07 | Pacific Grove Butterfly Days, UFC 229 at Carbone's, Fleet Week

Ogii wins the wish.

Big clouds at sunrise.

Kitten climbing the screen.

Saturday was Butterfly Days in Pacific Grove. They had a parade in the morning.

Each grade from the local school was in it.

And dressed in similar outfits.


Old class.

Pom pom girls.

Marching band.

After the parade everyone went to a little festival.

There was food.

A bake sale.

Lots of snacks.

Cute monster.


Bouncy houses.

Face painting.

The Beacon House.

A dog with a butterfly balloon.

The public library had a book sale.

A jigsaw puzzle donation. But what if I want to buy one of these puzzles?

Lots of books, but nothing I needed.

Ogii checking out some neat jewelry in downtown Carmel.

Someone moved into one of the locations we were looking at renting.

And the business in the little central area next to it is expanding.

Hope they do well.

The new business looks like some kind of fabric store.

A few items inside.

This big space on the corner is open now. It was a hat store.

It's a pretty big shop.

Although the square isn't directly on the main street, so the tourist foot traffic is less than 10% of what it is just a block over.

There are also lots of other galleries right across the street.

And this one in the same square.

And this one around the corner.

And this silk thread art on the same block.

Very pretty art.

An artist had rented this other location we had looked at as well.

We met Richard Conklin for lunch. He's the local optometrist in downtown Carmel whom I met at the last MBOS meeting.

There's some apartments right by his office.

And this restaurant as well. So, in theory, I could buy his office, we could live a few feet away in the apartments, and then Ogii could open a store in San Carlos Square a block away. We could both walk to work. Although we're not in the position to do any of that at this point, but perhaps it would be an option later.

We walked down to the beach and then along the coast. There was an open house for this house, which was selling for $7 million. Although the realtor said most likely an new owner would tear down the house and build a new one. Maybe if we win the lottery.

White sandy beaches.

There was a poodle gathering that day and many of them were at the beach.

This one has neon pink coloration on the tips.

Walking back towards downtown we saw some more nice houses. This one had a huge tree.

And this one had a beautiful gate, fence, and bridge.

More poodles downtown.

That evening we went to Carbone's to watch UFC 229 at Carbone's, a local bar. Earlier in the week they weren't sure if they were going to show it because it was so expensive, but they decided to in the end.

Ogii at the entrance.

A nice patio out back.

Fireplace and darts.

Another TV here.

Beer vending machine.

Us inside with our drinks.

They covered the pool table and moved it to the back to make more room for chairs.

Some pinball machines.

And a multi-game machine with a find-the-difference game.

This was a hard one.

Those are pretty small differences. People will mix those up letters during an eye exam.

We got first place, though.

We crushed the other players.

They had hot dogs and chips.

And a lot of beers.

Some dart boards inside.

They also have turtle racing during the week; we might have to check that out.

Onto the fights. Some ground and pound.

Kicks to the head.


A woman's fight with a kick to the face.

Big knockout.

This guy broke his hand and his corner stopped the fight; good corner.

There were only a few people when we got there and we were worried they wouldn't make back the money they spent to show the fight, but it filled up by the time the fights started.

More people inside. It wasn't packed but it was pretty busy.

The owner of the place behind the bar.

Onto the main fight.

McGregor taps out.

One of McGregor's trainers kept taunting Khabib, so after he won, Khabib jumped over the fence and went after him.

Huge melee afterwards.

People were even jumping into the ring and fighting each other. Crazy ending.

On Sunday we went to San Francisco for Fleet Week. It's pretty busy and the parking lots were pretty full. We got this spot but I had to crawl over the center console and out the passenger side door because this car parked over the line.

A giant bread alligator at Boudin's.

We went to their restaurant for lunch. We normally get the chili bowl, but they didn't have that in the more upscale restaurant, just in the smaller outlet.

The other food was pretty good, though. There was also a really cool picture on the wall behind me.

It had slices sticking up every few inches, so straight on is one picture, from this side is another...

... and from the other side is a third.

The restaurant has a nice view.

And nice decor.

A few seats outside.

There's also a little museum.

Which goes through their history.

And you can see the factory below.

There was an Italian parade around noon.

Some famous people in nice cars.

He looks awfully young for a senator.

Assemblymember David Chiu, whom I met at an optometry meeting a while ago.

A band.

My kind of music.

Ogii grabbing some candy.

Neat old car.

This woman took her picture in front of every person in a car.

That's a bit weird.


A ship.

Another band.

This woman walked in front of us to take pictures. That's rude.

Nice float.

Their hats are pizzas.


Neat cable car.

Oriental band.

Old firetruck.

These cars were stuck here waiting for the parade. I wonder if they were able to get out between floats.

Ogii at Fisherman's wharf.

My favorite thing about San Francisco: the bushman.

He hides behind some branches and scares people when they walk by.

The boats were charging $75 a person to watch the planes from out on the bay.

Some police on horses.

Some rescue helicopters.

The woman beside us had a nice camera.

These people have a great view.


Straight across.

Some bigger planes.

Looping down.

Curving up.

Red, white, and blue.

Above Alcatraz.


A heart.

Staying close.

Over the Golden Gate.

That looks pretty close.

A smaller plane.

A very big plane.

Coming closer.

Some people were in floats on the water.

Flying away.

Some more people with great views.

Flying really close to the bridge.


Directly above.

Reflected in my sunglasses.

Across the sky.



Almost hitting.

From behind.

Many close together.




Behind us.

In a diamond.

Six together.

Over the Golden Gate.


A big loop.

Everyone watching.

And to the other side.

One last separation.

That's one way to block the street off. Much more effective than some little cones.

This tourist bus has the airplanes on it.

A video of Fleet Week we took.