2018 Oct 14 | Two Bit Circus, gonio and scleral lenses CE, Imperial Spa

Making beef soup for dinner.

Lots of random green things.

Walmart already has Christmas decorations for sale and it's not even Halloween yet, yet alone Thanksgiving.

I would really like watermelon but would dislike strawberry banana. However, they look exactly the same. How do I know someone didn't switch them? Or maybe they're all strawberry banana since that matches the colors on the names and there is no watermelon. Hmm.

I hope this is enough candy for the kids on Halloween. And I hope we don't eat it all before then.

Ogii and her coworkers at a chocolate factory in Monterey.

The kitten ran in and started chomping away.

Driving to LA on Saturday morning with a nice sunrise.

Through a tree.

We went to Two Bit Circus, a place with lots of games.

One problem: it was closed.

Yep, opens at 1:00pm according to Google Maps.

And their website.

And the online ticket sales start at 1:00pm.

Except we had tickets for 11:30am. When we bought the tickets they were opening at 11am on Saturdays, and since then, they pushed their opening time back two hours.

This manager said they had tried to email us but they never went through. He said come back at noon and he'd let us in and start the game early. That was nice of him.

So we walked to brunch nearby.

Interesting waffle.

And then back for the escape room.

These have gotten pretty popular lately, but it was our first time.

Everyone trying to figure out the wires.

All green; that opens the door to the next room.

Me working on this puzzle.

David and I standing on pressure plates so Kat, Kendra, and Ogii could work on the puzzle in the corner.

We were supposed to use a mirror we found to change the direction of this laser, but Ogii used her phone instead.

And out comes the gold.

Winners! Well, kind of. I guess we weren't supposed to have cell phones, so Ogii's smart move was actually cheating, but hey, we got the gold, so I'm saying it counts.

They had a bar in the middle.

With some fun seats.

A 10-player arcade game developed by just two guys. We didn't really know what we were doing and this little kid on the left did, though, so he destroyed us.

A train game.

Pumping away.

A rather weird setup.

Popping balloons.

Smashing buildings.

Making music by waving your hands.

David giving it a shot.

And Ogii.

A game where you roll big balls to roll your onscreen ball to knock others players off a stage.

It's basically like a Mario Party minigame but with powerups.


Everyone having fun.

Next up was a virtual reality shooting game called The Raft.

We had to shoot monsters and put out fires. It was really fun.

An automated bartender.

Next up was VR Battlezone, a tank game.

It was cool, but we were all a bit motion sick afterwards.

Another VR shooting game.

And a VR flying game.

An original Battlezone cabinet.

Some tables for eating. This guy on the right had a crazy outfit; his jacket was el-wire which lit up.

Lunch time.

Four-player Pac-Man.

And a button pressing game.

A nice piece of art.

A video of some of the games we played there.

After that we went to Kat and Kendra's to play some dominos.

Most people line up their dominos in the order they're going to play them.

Ogii had a different strategy.

By putting ones with the same number of dots together.

Aw man, I mixed these two up. Guess I'm not winning this one.

Ogii wins!

After that we went to Urban Death, a Halloween maze with a bunch of short scences acted out by different people at the end. It was really cool; the best maze I've seen yet.

The Fullerton Marriott we stayed in that night had some neat decorative logs.

Lots of little plants in them.

We stayed there because it was really close to where my CE meeting was on Sunday morning, so I could just walk there and Ogii could sleep in.

Some nice landscaping on campus.

Monkey bars.

Although I guess I can't use them.

Nice flowers.

S squirrel that kept to the opposite side of the tree from me.

He was pretty good at it.

The optometry school has a number of posters with recent research. It's nice reading these and learning about things.

Some were pretty useful. This one showed that colorblind people could learn to pass a colorblindness test with practice so it appears that they're not colorblind.

The enchroma glasses for colorblindness helps some people but not others.

Having enough light while testing for colorblindness is important, but having a lot more than the minimum barely matters.

The current method of determining visual acuity on a line chart is quite accurate.

And you can improve vision in adults with amblyopia, but very little compared to children.

Onto the CE.

The first one was on gonioscopy.


There was another CE after that, but I wasn't interested in it, so we ran to a Korean spa for a few hours instead.


Cold room.

Colorful room.

Hot room.


Nice rock lights.

Ogii loved these hot clay spheres.

She dug down into them and buried herself.

A napping room.

After the spa, Ogii went to a rolling sushi restaurant with her friend for lunch.

And I went back for more CE. Thankfully they had a little lunch there.


Now time to learn about scleral lenses.

I tried this one.

Looking at them on each others' eyes.

Checking the fit with a slit lamp.

And with an OCT.

Everyone taking a look.

Mine fit a little too tightly and left some redness on the bottom of my eye.

The different solutions you need to care for the lenses.

And where to find them cheaply.

You also use two different sized suction cups to insert and remove them.

The eye center moved. So I guess the students all have to go over there to see patients? It's only a 15-minute drive, so not too far, I guess, but still more of a pain than seeing them right there.

We liked to eat at Chevy's on the way home from LA, but since the one in Burbank closed down, we had to find another restaurant. Acapulco is close to where Chevy's was and is owned by the same parent company, so let's try that.

And it's almost the exact same food as Chevy's, although the salsa is a little different.