2018 Oct 21 | Stanton Optical eye exams, Paso Robles Eberle Winery, casino

We went to try Stanton Optical for our eye exams this year. Two pairs for $69.

Except your total power can't be over +/-2.00 and it's only single vision. That's a rather large exception.

It looks nice inside.

Ogii during her eye exam.

Except it's not really an exam. It's a refraction from a remote technician performing a refraction. They didn't even look at Ogii's eyes.

Trying on glasses.

I don't care if they women's and they're purple; they're comfortable.

Kind of expensive, at least compared to other cheap opticals.

The dealership didn't reset this announcement on the Prius.

Thankfully YouTube has tutorials for everything nowadays and I could clear it myself.

I threw our checkbook to Ogii.

Except it got stuck space between the door and the wall.

Big jackpots in both lottos.

Ogii picking her numbers.

I like to randomize them, so I closed my eyes first.

Ogii by a big gun of alcohol.

Neat bottle covers.

Fun toys; punch and bite.

You can get football commentaries in other languages.

Although by the time I got home for this one it was already basically over even though it was only the start of the second quarter.

If we can't win the lotto, we can at least win at McDonalds.

Medium fries and a biscuit sandwich. Not a billion dollars, but better than nothing.

Aw, this newer shirt is starting to fray as well.

Friday night we went to the planetarium at a nearby college.

Although apparently this is the old one.

The new one is much cooler.

A lot of people must also go to the wrong side.

Tickest are only $5.

It's too bad only a few people showed up; it was a really neat show.

Ogii made me breakfast in bed.

The off to Paso Robles to Eberle Winery.

A fountain at the entrance.


Lots of awards.

Some nice stained glass windows.

A farm.

A boar.

Wine and food.

The tasting menu.

Ogii getting a pour.

A nice deck outside.

We could take our wine out there.

Down by the tanks.

Into the cave.

A very nice setup.

Wine at the end.

A different tasting menu.


Very pretty.

Some chocolate.

When we got back upstairs it was filling up. Glad we got there early.

Pizza for lunch.

While watching football.

Then we checked out the little local casino.

It's their first anniversary.

Some very nice rules.

They had some games in back.

A bar inside.

Although their ATM maxes at $80; that's not very much.

Ogii in the tournament. Lots of TVs around for football, too.

Ogii won third place.

Then onto cash.

Now the lotto display can't even handle the jackpot.

That would be nice.

A Tekken tournament streaming on YouTube. The guy on the left is the lead developer of the game. It's cool seeing him in a tournament; he's pretty involved in the community as well.

You can buy contact lenses on Amazon.

Including Freshlook Colorblends ripoffs.

There's a CE cruise at the end of the year.

A bit expensive, but it might be a nice way to go on a cruise and write it off.

Although for the CE you have to book through them. Norwegian is also having a big sale, so maybe it'd be cheaper to go through them directly.

Only $330 for a 7-day cruise.

And they'll pay for your flight. Although the one around Christmas is over double the price.

And for the one at Christmas they don't have the free airfare.

And flights are around $800 each round trip. Well, so much for that idea; it's way to expensive, mainly because we have to fly to the other side of the country.

Maybe we'll just do this cruise leaving from LA so we don't have to fly. $20,000 around the world for over three months.

We were thinking about going skiing in Lake Tahoe in November. Someone mentioned they might not be open by then, and after Googling, they were right. I'm glad we figured that out before we reserved a hotel and drove up there.

All these remakes of 80s movies, and none of them are as good as the original.

We met Athena at the show in San Francisco; it seems she sold one of her works. Good for her!

This is the first year I'm making enough money that I don't have to do income-driven loan repayment. It's nice to be able to pay more than necessary to pay them down faster.