2018 Oct 28 | Sculptera winery, poker vlogs

Cool Halloween card.

Although expensive. And who sends Halloween cards?

Sunrise with fog.

Lots of food.

Lots of timers.

So I have to take 10 minutes to preheat the oven to 400 degrees to cook these things for 1 minute? That seems like a huge waste.

Ooh, a local maze.

Waiting to get in.

A little snack area.

The maze had horror scenes from movies and then this little area playing Halloween movies. Nice little event.

The arrow on the Amazon logo points from the "a" to the "z" because they sell everything from a to z. The arrow on the Prime Video logo points from the "i" to the "d." Is that because movies satisfy your id?

Aw, we missed whatever Halloween party they had in Paso Robles last night.

But we had a great breakfast at Vic's Cafe.

Fun address.

We went to Sculptera winery.

The entrance.

Beautiful gate.

The first sculpture: a rose under a tree.

A flying fish.

Big horse.

Their feature cat.

A dog in a car window.

Curving pathways.

Big sculpture out front.


A pond.

Lots of gold.

Ogii being stalked by a big cat.

Another big cat sleeping in a tree.

An elephant watching over me.


Ogii dancing with a sculpture.

A play area with game tables.

Looking through a giant kaleidoscope.

A water fountain with a step for kids.

Nice art inside.

Very pretty tasting room.

Amazing chandalier.

Awesome mailbox.

A big guitar.

Ogii tasting some wine.

They had a nice brochure. It was started by a doctor who came out from the city and bought some land.

It covers a ton of space now.

The artist who made the gate.

Another who made many of the sculptures.

A food truck setting up.

That's going to be good.

Grape varieties.

They all look the same to me.

Up close.

A lion sculpture.

Skinny metal.

A seating area.

Resting while waiting for the food.

It's here.

Lots of meat.

Some live music.

Others listening.

So many fictitious business name statements for new businesses.

The passenger train coming up from LA.

Thankfully someone won the lotteries, so now we can stop buying tickets.

I thought I was the only one who jumped over objects in my mind while driving. I guess tons of people do this.

Adobe Premiere updated, and now it says I have to update my video cards.

Well, the video looks funny in the editor, but it should still be processed correctly.

Nope, the output video is also bad.

To update the GeForce drivers I have to create an account. That's annoying.

And it says they're already up to date.

Maybe these drivers?

Nope, those are good too. I tried Premiere again and it still didn't work, so I had to use Movie Maker instead. Glad the program I paid $240 for Premiere that now doesn't work while the free Movie Maker still works fine.

No, I'm not likely to recommend it.

Ooh, a Mario Kart 64 tournament. Too bad it's pretty late in San Francisco the day before I have a meeting in Monterey.

The past couple of weeks we'd been spending a ton of time making videos for the Vlogger in Paradise contest. The winner won a free week-long trip to the Bahamas and a free entry into their $25,000 buy-in poker tournament.

Our first video had a lot of other fun activities we've done in it, along with various poker games we hosted and played in, even at Live at the Bike.

The second one was a poker hand review. Almost all of the poker vloggers have a screen overlay of the cards where they review a hand, so we thought we'd be a bit different and fun and use real oversized cards and giant teddy bears as the other players.

The third one was an interview. We were going to do it in Las Vegas, but it was too much of a pain, so we did it at home and played videos of us at Vegas.

The next one wasn't a part of the contest, but we had some other stuff we wanted to include, so we made a bonus video.

The fourth one we recounted our happiest poker moment, which we filmed walking around different parts of Los Angeles.

The last one was why Ogii should win the contest, which, similarly to the fourth one, we filmed walking around a city, but this time we went to San Francisco.
My initial idea for a poker vlog was a travel and poker vlog, where we go to different casinos and not only discuss the casino and hands we played, but also things we did at that location. The contest was the initiative to get us started with the poker vlog, but if we continued doing it, they videos would be more like this.

Unfortunately, we didn't even make it into the final five.

This was one of the eventual winners. However, his videos are almost exactly like all of the other poker vloggers: it starts with driving around, then some hand reviews with a screen overlay.

This was another winner. He was a little closer to ours in that he was more different from the other usual vloggers; he was very funny, more unique, and had great editing.

It was especially annoying because I was listening to a podcast by one of the judges afterwards, and he said they used the criteria as more of a guide. We thought that's what they were judging on, so we really focused on those. Oh well, I still think our videos came out pretty well. But they just take too much time to keep doing, so we're not going to make any more.

There were a number of other contests for the same tournament, although I only heard about them in the last few days they were available. I looked through them and thought about making a video for a few others, including a game combining poker and chess, and even created a game for that and filmed it, but it was too late in the process and I didn't have time to edit and upload it. I did have time for this one, though, which was playing for a charity.

Again, I didn't win, and again, I thought I had a pretty good video. No free Bahamas trip for us.