2018 Nov 04 | Rotary Club poker tournament, Science Discovery Day, sandcastle competition

November and December bring some pretty amazing sunsets.

Saw some hair in the tub, picked it up, and it started crawling up my arm. Guess it wasn't hair. Sorry, buddy; out into the cold you go.

Aw, this tie is pretty new but it's already starting to come apart in multiple places.

Steak and potatoes.

Pumpkin carving.

Ogii made her hole a bit too small.

Gotta pick out the seeds to bake in the oven.

With our jack-o-lanterns.

Lit up.

The front of the house.

Candy for the kids.

A nice sunrise.

I can't wait for Halloween to be over; every time I come through the front door I have to dodge this guy.

I like this micro-bake option: cook in the microwave first, then in the oven, and it saves you 35 minutes.

Another nice sunset.

The security cameras were recording but not connecting to the app on our phones, so I had to mess with the connection to get it working again.

Thankfully Amazon had a link to the user manual; that's very nice.

Because that way we could watch Friends on TV and the front walk via the security cameras on our cell phones.

So we could see the trick or treaters coming...

... and Ogii could open the door right before they got to it, scaring them. Although it kind of freaked out the little kids, so we started only doing it to the bigger ones.

Another gorgeous sunset.

Friday night we drove up to Foster City. There was an amazing sunset on the way.

So colorful.

We were up there for a charity poker tournament benefitting the Rotary Club, and in turn the library, Boy Scouts, and other community organizations.

The center was right on a lake with some beautiful houses.

A neat statue.

Nice stained-glass window.

Aw, I want to attend magic camp, but it's ages 6-14.

A map of the park signed by those who worked on the park.

This guy planted that tree.

It wasn't a huge tournament, but there were a few tables full of players.

Nice appetizers.

This woman made four aces.

Good board if you have 72.

Ogii playing a hand.

And me at another table. This was a funny hand because I looked at the ace, said, "Aw, a bad card," then saw the second ace and said, "And another bad card." The woman beside me had QQ, I doubled up through her, and she said, "Hey, you said you had bad cards."

Corona corner.

Everyone was having a fun time; nobody was too serious.

Ogii is all in and wins.

And again. She got really lucky on this one; 79 vs JJ, but she made a straight.

She also made the final table.

And she wins again.

Aw, this guy hit his card on the river to beat her.

But she's still in.

Not a good hand to have when you only have a few chips left.

She won again, and everyone watching is laughing and having fun.

She finally got knocked out here.

Final hand.

Top three players.

Ogii won third place.

Off to McDonalds for a late dinner. Why does Google Maps show Chipotle and these other restaurants when I search for McDonalds? I don't want those.

There was a long line, even this late, and the person in front of us only ordered an orange juice. Why would you wait so long just for that? But then when they got their food they had a bunch of bags, so they must have forgotten the OJ and just added it on separately at the end.

Nice hotel room.

Ogii wants a back massage and I want to watch this Street Fighter tournament on YouTube. This works for us both.

A lot of bacon in the morning.

That's really, really close.

The apple fits perfectly. Maybe too perfectly; I hope we can get it out.

Ah, this crazy street sign in San Francisco.

Tree hugging Tesla driver.

Foot surgeon, I think.

Nice that Google Maps shows the path of a half marathon; we'll be sure to avoid the Golden Gate Bridge today.

It says there's a Wells Fargo ATM right here.

But I don't see it; just the parking garage machines.

Ah, it's hidden over in this corner.

And on the other corner is a Chase one.

An ATM on each side of the parking garage entrance.

Checking out the BART station nearby while waiting for the stores to open.

It had some neat tile art.

And some more.

This was my favorite.

Ogii looking down into the store.

What's she looking at?

Ah, shoes.

In the door right as the store opens.

Trying on some shiny boots.

And some others.

I'm basically a mobile clothes rack; phone in one hand, hangers in the other.

These are interesting.

As are these. Maybe they'd be neat for a chess tournament.

But not for $200.

Onto a second store.

And a third.

Then she wanted to go to Victoria's Secret. When you search for it on Google Maps, this picture pops up as the page is loading.

But then it disappears into this one and the first picture isn't even in the set of pictures you can scroll through. Weird; it's like a click-bait image.

Then we headed to AT&T Park. It was a 9-minute drive but only a 22-minute walk. Plus we'd have to find parking around there a repark.

So we just walked it. You also see more interesting things along the way while walking, like this merry go round.

And this artist.

Amazing murals.

A neat little pub.

Huge metal art at the top of this building.

At AT&T Park.

For the Discovery Day science festival.

It was pretty crowded.

And there were a ton of booths set up. This one had dirt.



A snake you could hold.

Other people kept coming up wanting to pet it. But I don't want to sit and hold it all day; someone else take it.

What do you see in the microscope?

Tiny cells.

More booths set up outside in the park.

An infrared camera. That's Ogii in the bottom middle.

Looking at the camera.

I remember playing with these in physics class.


Giant bugs.

Beautiful butterflies.

A nice view of the bay from the walkway.

Robots stacking blocks.

And pushing balls.

A series of short movies.

Bats with famous players.

Dental students giving free teeth checks.

The place was very packed.

Time for lunch. All of the typical baseball food vendors were open.

Looking out onto the field.

On the pitcher's mound.

A VR view of the brain.

Ogii touching a human brain.

It's a real one.

Paper airplanes.

Tons of Legos.

Us in the outfield.

Liquid that turns hard when it's pressed on so you can run on it without sinking.

Smashing frozen flowers.

Not today.

Neat building.

A car flattened out way up on top of a parking garage.

There are so many break-ins in San Francisco vehicles that many have signs like this.

Tons of transit wires.

Out to the beach.

For a sandcastle competition.

We got there after everyone was done making them.


Shaking hands.

A castle.


And another one.

Hands and animals.


The earth and hands.

Lots of little flowers on this one.

More hands.

Cute little car.

A bridge.

From a different angle. This was one of my favorites.


Musical instruments.

Another angle of another favorite.

Some kids made their own small castle.

Another one.

Windmills in Golden Gate Park.

There were a fair number of people on the beach today.

Which was helped by the fact it was so warm out today, especially for San Francisco.

Some surfers.

Kids taking down a castle.

Lots of equipment to build the castles.

A hike up to a nice view.

Nice houses near the beach; I wonder how much those cost. I couldn't find any houses for sale online, but the condos go for over $1 million.

Aw, the Chevy's in Gilroy is closed.

Although the one in San Jose appears to still be open. Too bad; we preferred the Gilroy one.

An amazing sunset.

Different colors five minutes later.

In a few months I won't be able to use the Prius Plug-In to take the carpool lane alone. That's OK, though; I only benefitted from that when we lived in LA and I drove home on highways that had a carpool lane. There are none of those around where we live.

A really good book. I finished it, and now Ogii is reading it. Monica bought it, too; we'll see which of them finished it first.

Fog in the fields.

And on the road.

The arm on this fairly new shirt is really tearing off.

Butterfly, I guess.

Those are some pretty nice benefits; I don't have any of those.

Athena sold another piece of art.

Some serious lens flare in this music video.

Live at the Bike and some other poker shows have RFID cards and tables so you can see what cards the players have. However, there are kits where you can make your own.

Only around $3,000; not too bad. Although you need someone to keep track of the chips manually, which is a lot of work.

Someone argued that pit bulls aren't more dangerous than other breeds; this person had a huge list proving otherwise.

And it keeps going.

A free night, except it's not valid on Friday or Saturday night. Well, that's useless.