2008 Apr 13 | Improv Comedy, Spring Banquet

With the weather getting nice again, we started adding pool volleyball to our afternoon BBQs, which is a lot of fun.

I'd assume you would get your suit pretty dirty if you're riding in a convertible with the top down through a construction zone.

Thanks, it makes it much easier to read the book when it's bent permanantly.

I hate these cushioned mailing packets. Every time I open them, I get tons the little pieces all over the floor.

We got our scuba books and had to read the first few chapters. Since I'm studying all the time, it's just one more thing to study, but at least it's a little different type of material.

The driver in the right lane wasn't very nice. If he would have stopped earlier, the guy in the white truck could have gotten through.

I like these shiny ties, but I'd never really be able to wear them.

Some of my neighbors and I went to Beavers, a restaurant where a friend of ours is a chef. The food was amazingly good, and the bartenders were really fun. They make up a bunch of drinks and meals so you can try something other than the same old stuff.

Some of us went to the Improv Comedy club on Friday night. It was one of the few times when all three comedians were really funny.

After that we went to Drink Houston, a club with three different areas: hip-hop, Latin, and 80s. I liked the music in the Latin area the best, but the 80s area had TVs with clips from 80s comedy movies, so I just sat and watched them for a while, which was really fun.

Saturday night we had the spring banquet for school. The theme was Golden Globes. It was mainly for third year students to get awards, though.

I've always hated how women can really dress differently for these things but men can't, so I wore something a little less normal.