2018 Nov 18 | Monterey Symposium

We picked up some beautiful flowers at the little local shop on the way home from LA.

Yoga with Adriene. Wait, there's a dog on her mat.

And she just ran into it.

Wait, I don't have a dog. Do I need a dog for this pose?

One of my favorite things about Christmas time: mixed nuts.

It's impossible to get those last two out of their shells without breaking them.

The Stax are on sale for half as much as the Pringles. Apparently nobody likes plain ones, though.

Ducks by the lake in Monterey.

This parking lot is by the hour. I don't want that because I'm here all day, but the one across the street is $7 all day.

The east parking garage.

The west parking garage.

And the Marriott a few blocks away.

A neat fountain out front.

Sharp edges.

Cool patio.

First step of a CE meeting: throw away all of the crap I don't need. Which is basically everything; I don't even need the bag because I can fit everything I want in my pockets.

This is possibly a rare keeper: 10% off malpractice insurance.

I like how the evaluations are right on the back of the CE cards.

Onto the CE.

Everybody likes 10 steps.

A picture of Hawk Tower by the Tor house.

Neat room number plaque.

Lamp with sand below.

A little gallery.

Back for more CE.

He speaks a lot. I wonder how much money he makes from that?

This is useful: a picture of a scleral lens fitting poorly and pressing on the vessels.

Time to check out the vendors.

What in the world is that?

Ah, probably a heated face mask for meibomian glands. It's still creepy looking.

And another CE lecture. He tried to get audience participation with this website / app but it didn't work because the conference center didn't have wifi working.

Meanwhile, Ogii is at home watching the kittens sleep on each other.

This one came to check out if there was any food but was too tired.

And fell asleep in the bowl.

Ogii sewed by shirt; very nicely done.

Uh oh, the $7 lot is closed. I'm going to have to go to the hourly one.

Only $10 max? Thankfully this is not LA.

The Osio Theater, an independent, locally-owned movie theater. Might have to check it out some time, although I'm not usually into independent films.

Time to learn about diabetes in the eyes.

I read this book and really liked it. I told Ogii to read it and mentioned it to Monica, who bought it. I told Ogii she has a few days head start on Monica, so she better start reading. Ogii replied that Monica doesn't have to drive two hours to work each day so she has too big of an advantage.

Well, yeah, when you're only on page 30 and you had the entire weekend, you're gonna be in trouble.

A huge range of prices on OCT books, from $300 to $75.

Is that one really $8? That must be a pricing mistake because the same one is $77 normally.

I had never even thought of something like this and there are multiple products out there already.

Well that didn't work out too well for my kings. Thankfully it's just play money.

I know all three of these Facebook friends from volleyball; the middle one from LA and the top and bottom from Houston.

Good reviews for these ice scrapers.

But then if you actually look at the individual reviews they're horrible. Maybe the products were better earlier and have since been made more poorly?

That's a cool dress.

A fun Christmas sweater, but maybe a bit much.

That's more my style.

Hmm, I've never looked in this "Categories" section in GMail. I wonder what that is? Ah, tons of crap.

Planning on skiing in Lake Tahoe and this looks like an amazing steakhouse.

It's ranked #1 on travel sites.

Except it will be closed when we will be there.

Nearly $700 to ski for two days. Pretty expensive, especially compared to driving up to a cheap resort from LA for $100 a day each.

Someone else breaking their costs down online. So much cheaper if you're close.

Ah, that's nice; they include a free helmet with the rental.

Oh wait, no they don't. The helmet rental is $9.60 per day? That's crazy. I think Ogii can do without since she won't be going over 5mph on the bunny slopes.