2018 Nov 25 | Thanksgiving in South Dakota

Windows 10 has a new background approximately every week; they're always very nice.

The Chevy's in San Jose is changing ownership; I wonder if they'll keep the restaurant?

The hotel in San Jose has a nice water wall.

Ogii was working on her laptop but fell asleep.

A neat car out front.

The airport website has a live update of how full the parking lots are. The economy one is basically full. The terminal A garage is fairly open, although it's more expensive.

These are even more expensive.

So we did offsite parking instead.

The parking site.

Lines aren't too bad.

Ogii's metal buttons had to be checked out.

Pretty hummingbird logo.

Aw, someone already filled out the crossword puzzle.

This one's not done yet, though.

Hard at work.

Checking the answers.

This one had three meat entrees of different countries: Ukraine, UK...

... and New Zealand.

The person next to us was sleeping on this little pillow.

As was the person behind us. Although you're still pretty curled over, so I don't know how much they help.

Snowy mountains.

The mountains end and the plains begin.

And right then the roads and cities start.

A lot of cities just a bit farther away.

Is that river going through the middle of the fields?

Lunch at the Dallas airport while watching football and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.

It was about to be halftime, so they started pushing the stage out, but then the team decided to run another play, so they had to hurry up and push it back.


Is that blood on the moving walkway? Did it eat someone's foot?

A break in the clouds and beneath, a frozen wasteland.

Neat sunset.

We're not in warm California any more.

Mom made some great dinner for the drive home.

Watching for deer on the drive home.

Snacks at home, too.

Ogii playing with the dog.

I think the grandkids have way more toys than we ever had.

Ogii bought mom a pretty tea cup.

And also a flower that blooms in tea.

Mom cooking.

Out looking for deer. There are some but they're a long ways out.

Some more.

A video of some running through the field.

Ogii cooking.

Then out to pet the cats. The cat seems to like it.

As does Ogii.

Petting another one.

Dinner time.

The dog is ready to go.

Walking the fields.

It's pretty nice weather.

Frost on the trees.

Ready to go.

Drops on the needles.

The dog checking out some tracks.

The plants poking up through the snow.

Mick got a pheasant.

Mom found a dog leg.

Sun through the tree.

Waving to the train.

Lunch time.

Ogii finished all of her dessert.

Ready to go out again.

Some deer running far away.

Ogii very busy.

Turkey is done.

Mick cutting it.

So much food.

It's all so good.

Great dinner.

How to pet the dog while being on your phone.

Mom making breakfast.

It's a little colder out today.

Walking through the trees.

Deer tracks.

Someone got a deer.

Ogii coming out of the trees.

My turn to pet the cats.

And Ogii's.

Peeking out from under the door.

A baby kitten.

And a big tom cat.

Walking through the field.

Frost on the weeds.

The dog watching very carefully.

Although have to take some time off to get some licks in.

There are some deer.

We got it. Now we have to walk out and get it.

We brought a rifle just in case it was still alive but we didn't need it.

Now time to drag it back.

It was a good-sized buck.

Didn't waste any meat, which was pretty tough for a running shot.

Over the course of the trip, we saw a lot of deer. I saw 1+12+8+1+2+7+3+3+2+2(+5 from the airplane) = 46. Ogii saw 2+1+2+1+2 = 8, and Dad saw 1+1+2+2+2 = 8. Although most of mine were way out in the field during the drive from the airport, so they didn't matter. Dad saw one that ran right in front of the car, so that one really mattered; thankfully he braked and avoided hitting it.

Another great dinner.

Mom packed a great dinner for us to eat at the hotel.

Some new feature coming soon on the ticket machine at the airport.

A museum at the airport.

Some history on the wall.

That's a unique tower.

New transport on the left, old on the right.

Our gate was changed, but since there are only four, it was just a few feet away.

Great shot of the airport and moon by Ogii.

Standing out in the cold waiting for our checked bags.

A giant carmel roll. Not as good as a home-made one but still good.

The telephone system has an error.

Ogii makes a good pillow.

Neat streams in the snow.

A snack on the plane. No spoon, but that's OK.

A big change in terrain.

Mountains to plains.

Neat clouds.

A sundog.

Back in California, where the airport employees are wearing shorts.

This guy had a big stuffed pig.

Hmm, none of these say offsite parking shuttles.

Although this picture says it's that way.

For our shuttle service you have to call and wait.

But this guy had already called so the shuttle got there right as we did.