2018 Dec 02 | broken dryer

Great sunrises in winter.

Ogii made cupcakes.

The dryer is broken. Paul from Andersen Appliance came and checked it out and said he could repair it but he didn't have the part with him, so he'd be back another day to fix it.

So in the meantime off to the laundromat. Thankfully, we're practically the closest people to it; it's a quarter of a block away.

Although you can't use quarters. You have to put your money on a card. Probably because they made a lot of money when people have leftover money on a card and never use it.

You also have to buy the card for $1.

At least it dries quickly.

Another nice sunrise.

From a different angle.

The gray cat has something the other cats are interested in.

He got a mouse.

Another sunrise.

The super sale section of Macy's.

81% off.

There's an app you can use to scan your items as you go and avoid the regular checkout lines.

That'd be nice, because I stood behind this woman for five minutes while she messed around with her returns. Then the checkout clerk said the line started around the corner and refused to check me out. But when I had arrived nobody was there, and now there was a line of like five people. The clerk could have told me that before all those people got there. So I just went to another checkout stand.

The neighbor's Christmas lights are up.

Steak for dinner.

Trying to watch football across Ogii's legs.

She doesn't seem too interested in the game.

Some of these drops have security tags on them and some don't, even though they're all about the same price. You'd think thieves wouldn't be too picky.

Another sunset.

A rainbow.

The beginnings of a second one.

Across the sky.

We paid $22 for an Advent calendar in Los Angeles; these are $2. But the last time I bought a cheap Advent calendar, the chocolate wasn't nearly as good. Is it worth $20 more? That's basically $1 per chocolate.

Ogii seems to think so.

Another sunrise.

Ogii takes these cat pictures all week long and I only see them after I download the pictures from her phone at the end of the week. Is that a clean knife I'm going to cut my food with that the cat is about to crawl all over?

Crawling up the screen.



Nothing like being woken up on a Sunday morning when you wanted to sleep in by a cat crawling up the screen.

I think she wants something.

Is that a comfortable position to fall asleep in?

Ogii is trying to hide the number under her right thumb. Except I know she's sneaky and figured it out right away.

Christmas presents corner.

It's already wrapped by Amazon.

She figured out this was a chair. Dumb packaging.

Letting her open one gift: a table.

Good to check the Amazon reviews so you know in advance what might be problematic when you put it together.

Almost done.

I haven't watched this movie in forever.

Whoops, forgot to remove this pin from my new shirt. It got my forearm when I put the sleeve on.

There were a bunch of carolers on trailers going down main street.

Aw, this little local nightclub got sold. We never got to go there.

A Live at the Bike game where two guys dressed up as the Dumb and Dumber characters.

And proceeded to go in pretty much every hand, much to the annoyance of the more serious players.

Sticky Rice was there, too. The first time he was on, the announcers made fun of him for not being able to perform chip tricks. This time he was doing them, so he must have practiced.

UFC with Mark Hunt.

A pounding in the corner.

This one was in Australia, and a fighter in the crowd who has an upcoming fight performed a shoey, drinking beer out of a shoe, just like a local.

This fighter came out with a traditional entourage.

His opponent, Dos Santos, used to be great; we'll see how he does now.

He still has it.

Still can't find my favorite shampoo on shopping sites.



Although there are a few random bottles on eBay.