2018 Dec 16 | Ogii work Christmas party

A thrift store had a tone of these note cards. Would be nice if they were amazing, but Ogii wasn't too impressed.

Seasons one, three, and four of the wire. But where's two? Did the person who initially donated them not buy it? Did someone buy only season two? Either way, it's weird.

A new little area developing. A Starbucks is open and a Carl's Jr is about to.

Ogii cutting dinner at her office work party.

Looking good.

More meat.

And even more.

Everyone chatting.

On the couches as well.

Dr. Wong talking.

Time to eat.

It all looks good.

Christmas carol karaoke with Dr. Wong and Ogii.

Everyone listening.

Time for a game: open a present with oven mitts.

It's pretty tough until someone gets a corner started.

A video.

Onto musical chairs.

Fewer and fewer.

The last two.

Time for cake.

And then onto white elephant.


A massager.

Stealing the massager.

Opening another one.

Ogii got some chocolates.

Dr. Wong got some earphones.

I always think these super thin, brittle cookies will be good but I usually don't like them. This one has enough extra stuff on it to be good, though.

Our tree at home.

At the mall.

There's actually a bitcoin ATM.

Although it's not plugged in.

Most of these jean descriptions are fine, but what's "boyfriend?"

I don't know about that.

Amazon Prime members can get to early screenings of Aquaman.

They have them in San Francisco.

And in LA.

None of the theaters around us, though; just the regular showings a week later.

That's a big print.

This Best Western in Hollywood has a resort fee; that's dumb.

Human whack a mole; kinda cool, but quite expensive.

Secret Hitler does not sound like a good name for a game.

How can my phone not just work like everything else? It whines about needing to be restarted. It's also become much, much slower at certain things, such as opening to take a picture. It used to be instant; now some times it will take over 10 seconds and the shot will be gone.

A cool house in Delano.

It has attached motel rooms and a casino and pool.

Learning about the Zen lens, a scleral lens.

Sclerals are becoming much more popular now. They're really big hard contact lenses that go completely over the cornea, as opposed to the small ones that sit on the cornea. You'd think that'd make them uncomfortable, but in fact they're extremely comfortable, although instead of making sure they touch just right in multiple areas like the small ones, you have to make sure they clear everything centrally by the right amount and land correctly on the sclera.

Taking a quiz at the end, although I think they mixed up C and D.