2018 Dec 30 | Christmas

Ready for Christmas.

Which means Christmas movies.

And another.


Movie three.

It's the San Francisco bay on the Roku.

And various other city parts.

Lots of presents.

Opening one on Christmas Eve.

And it's Christmas.

Stockings above the fireplace with pictures and cards from family.

That's a good deal.

I barely remember buying that.

Socks from Dagii and Greg.

Ogii has some nice wrapping.

But I figured why re-wrap it when it's already in a package from Amazon?

Cute mug.

Sunglasses, mini projector, and a tie.

Found this at a thrift store; it's us.

Some old cards from Mom's family.

And a home-made book.

My childhood wallet.


Some presents from Mom.

Jackpot; the blue eggs are my favorite.

Ogii's cashmere outfit had shrunk a bit, so time for a new one.

Lots of gifts.

Matching the movie. And the multi-popcorn tin.

Christmas lunch and another movie.

Still working on her puzzle.

Last Christmas movie.

It's getting late, but she's getting close.

And she's done.

Nice sunrise.

Trying out a different Mexican place in town.

Putting her chair together.

All set up at her desk.


I went up to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the UFC fights.

Good food.

Good fights.

Bringing back Cat Zingano.

Uh oh; she got kicked in the eye.

Hope that turns out OK.

Good thing I got there before the main fights started; it was completely packed by then.

Heavy hits.

And congratulating each other after the fight.

One last fight.

The fights were supposed to take place in Las Vegas, but Jon Jones tested positive for performance-enchancing drugs and the Nevada fight commission wouldn't sanction the fight, so the UFC moved it to LA with less than a week's notice. What a mess for anyone who reserved flights and hotel rooms in Vegas.

While I was watching the fights, Ogii was actually in LA. She stayed at the Wi spa.

Everyone sleeping.

Slepping on pretty thin mats.

The outside area.

Sleeping out there, too.

Dug down into the clay.

She picked up some flowers on the way home.

Her car is almost at 260,000.

And there.

Ooh, did Ogii secretly reserve a table at the Cliff House up in San Francisco and accidentally send it to my email? Aw, nope; just some guy who put his email in incorrectly when he made his reservation.

It's been really cold out lately; almost freezing.