2019 Jan 06 | New Years at home, new California laws

Woken up by Ogii's family calling; it's New Year's in Mongolia!

Since we were sleeping, I didn't have a shirt on, so all the guys decided to copy me.

And more.

What to do for New Year's Eve? This sounds cool; a sleepover at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Unfortunately it's sold out.

How about this? A big festival in downtown.

With lots of bands.

Except it's been really cold out lately, so we decided to just stay at home.

Ogii cooked lots of dumplings.

And bought a cake.

And flowers, while watching Four Rooms.

Watching the ball drop in Times Square.

Somebody didn't plan for that amount of smoke; you can't even see the time.

Ah, there it's peeking through.

Time for cake.

Blowing out the candles and making a wish.

Nice cake.


Time for another movie.

Not too liked by the critics.

Partying in the movie.

And New Year's in the movie.

And New Year's in Los Angeles.

It's nice being able to watch it online.

Time for champagne.

Drinking with arms crossed.

That was a bit too hard; this is easier.

Chatting with the family again now that it's new year's here.


Mongolian umpling tea.

A llama marshmallow candy.

New year's consisted of waking up, having breakfast, and then napping on the couch.

The having lunch and napping in the bed. Very restful day.

Ogii's really making this plant grow well.

And this one.

Ogii bought a stationary bike.

There she goes.

On Sunday we went to Aquaman. It's seems there's a little problem with the projector.

Nice seats.

They recline and they vibrate with the movie.

Eating popcorn.

Easiest way is to just lick it up out of the bag.

The off to get Ogii's tires changed. The football game was on and everyone was watching.

Bringing a new car into the showroom.

Tight fit.

Hey, now he's blocking my view of the game.

The Coke machine wasn't taking dollars. But I remembered an old trick: put your dollar in the candy machine, push the change button, get four quarters, and then put those in the Coke machine. An old man was entertained watching me figure it out.

Ogii working.

It was cold, so I was all bundled up.

Although I had to stick my ears out to hear the announcers better.

Long catch.

Except they didn't rule it a catch, but then neither team picked up the ball, so they reset the play. Very weird.

Ogii set out a box for the cats.

They're a little wet.

But they seem to enjoy the food.

All jammed in there.

Lots of new laws in the new year.

Minimum wage is up, ag workers get overtime, and street vending is legal.

Some employement laws.

Plastic straws only if you ask for them at restaurants from now on. Also breeding pets can't be sold in pet stores.

Police body cameras must be disclosed to the public.

One big problem is no single site lists all the laws. This other site also mentions that one woman must be on the board of directors for public companies.

Cannibis is more legal and marijuana convictions are reduced.

Adults don't need to wear helmets on motorized scooters.

No more cash bail.

Doctors have to inform patients if they're on probation.

Concealed carry licensing requires training and you have be over 21 to purchase rifles or shotguns.

Drunk drivers will have to install breathalyzers in their vehicles.

Craft distillers can produce more alcohol.

From yet another site, scummy health insurance plans are banned and people can choose "nonbinary" for their gender on drivers licenses.

I can't use my green decal on the Prius to take the HOV lane alone any more. But since that was only useful when I worked in LA and drove home from work alone, it's not a big deal. Now if we drive in LA we're always together anyways.