2019 Jan 13 | DAOU winery

What's the blimp doing way up here?

Crossing over the road.

By the Scheid Vineyards windmill.

On the other side of the road.

Close up.

By some palm trees. I wonder if it was flying from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

Lots of ground squirrels.

The front headlight on the Prius went out.

All I want is a normal, short video to show me how to replace it. I don't need a 24-minute one like the first video or some dude doing the dumb YouTube goofy face video like the last one. The middle one is perfect.

It's a tight fit in there.

Pretty sunrise.

I wanted to roasted potatoes with some spices but couldn't find a variety of potatoes. So I grabbed what they had, a few different kinds, but I then found this, which is exactly what I wanted. To heck with doing all the work myself.

Ogii, on the other hand, has a lot of work to do.

We both cooked with potatoes.

Angled license plate.

A big box from dad and mom.

With some deer horns inside.

Me with the horns.

They work well for scratching an itch.

Games Done Quick and football, what a great combo.

This was hilarious; Anderson ran into the other teams bench and just sat down in it for a while.

Games Done Quick has people play through a variety of video games with people donating money to fight cancer.

Funny face.

Usually the players are very quiet because they're concentrating so hard, but this guy playing Sonic was constantly talking and hilarious.

A player taking a selfie during a bit of a wait in the game.

Lots of shortcuts in Mario Kart.

Three guys racing each other on a Super Mario Bros rom.

Viewers donated over $2 million dollars.

We went down to Paso Robles on Sunday and decided to take the back way.

Tractor crossing.

One lane bridge.

Nobody else coming.

A giant rooster.

A narrow causeway.

Ogii spotted some deer down by the river. Good eye.

A resort by the lake.

Nice entrance to this place.

Some horses and donkeys.

Wineries to the left; wineries to the right.

Here's one.

An organic farm.

Another winery.

And another.

Beautiful building on top of the hill.

Another winery.

Finally got to the one we were headed to.

The front gate.

Nice entrance.

Very pretty serving area.

With large windows to the outside.

Ogii tasting.

The wines.

You can order appetizers...

... and food.

Different soils for different wines.

Our server let us go up to the top.

Where they have a bell.

Seating area outdoors.

Beautiful view.


Lots of chairs on the edge of the hill.

Me sipping my wine.

Great view down the hill.

Looking back towards the winery.

It was a bit cold outside, so they had blankets scattered around.

We bought a bottle.

A wine tour.

Many, many more wineries in Paso Robles to still visit.

Old house with a big porch.

An estate sale.

More horses and donkeys.

Big back yards or small pastures.

Paso Robles city limits.

Aw, Dolce Galleria is closed; we loved eating here.

Ogii especially is not happy.

Giving her money to play poker cheered her up, though.

They had free donuts at the casino.

We played their $5 tournament. The poor woman got it all in preflop against me when I had AA and she had 55 and she hit a 5 on the flop, although I hit a A.

Doing very well.

This guy kept betting with KK when I had an A on an AA flop. We got it all in on the turn and I was way ahead; he could only hit a K or a Q on the river to win. And he got a K.

I'm not doing so well any more.

I had a big ace here, but the other two players kept betting a lot, so I figured one of them had a four. And I was right; good thing I folded.

Four wheel diva.

I was thinking this was "ToWN RVeRS" until Ogii pointed out the license plate frame says "Twin Rivers."

A Live at the Bike game where viewers can vote off the most boring player.

Although it's not super fair; sometimes you just never get good hands the entire time. Some people will play with almost any two cards, though.

We were thinking about buying this house but didn't. It appears someone bought it just to rent it out.

Speaking of buying houses, you can find some in Hawaii for about the same price as around here. Although there are also $50 million houses there, too.

One right on a golf course and one right on the ocean for half the price of houses here. I think we should move.

I've never thought to clean out a washing machine drain filter. I guess that should go on the todo list.

Lots of rain coming.