2019 Jan 20 | shopping in Los Angeles

Why is Ogii sitting on this little stool when she has a brand new desk? Oh man, she completely filled up her whole desk with stuff already.

Cleared a little of it off so at least she can work.

Watching Friends during dinner.

We're packed for our cruise. Ogii's suitcase is overflowing; I just need swim trunks and flip flops.

Uh oh, the suitcase is too full; it tipped over and knocked the closet door off it's rail.

I wasn't planning on being very involved in the Monterey Bay Optometric Society, just go to some CE meetings and a few vision screenings, but I guess as of this year I'm the new president.

We had a meeting at the Dream Inn in Santa Cruz.

The hotel had free wine and cheeese set out.

A view of the pier.

The speaker was Antonio Alcorta, an ocularist who makes artificial eyes.

Good dessert.

There aren't many ocularists around, usually only a few per state, and he covers pretty much all of northern California.

We tend to cook lots of leftovers.

It's only $1 more to buy this movie than rent it, but I don't think I want it in my permanent collection; I'd rather spend an extra dollar to not have it.

What happens when you're not home on weekends, you leave for work before sunrise and come back after sunset, and it's been raining a lot recently? Mow in the dark.

There's still a few tall patches in the middle but the mower quit.

Thankfully it was just out of gas and not broken.

When we go to McDonalds we ask for honey. They often give us honey mustard instead, so when we do get honey, we keep it in case they mess up next time. They give us at least a couple of packets too much each time, though. I think we've built up enough of a supply.

Google Maps shows the Women's March this weekend in downtown LA. Good to know so we can avoid driving around that area.

And also in San Francisco.

I gave Ogii some money to shop in a card that looks like a purse.

Nutella snack packs. We ate all the pretzel sticks but there's still some chocolate left. Ogii got all she could get out by licking, but my tongue is longer so I can get the rest, like a giraffe who is a bit taller and can reach the higher leaves.

An accident on the side of the road. Right behind us was a cop who stopped traffic; thankfully we were in front of him and could keep going.

Awesome mansion up on a hill in LA.

We stopped at Universal City Walk. General parking is $25.

However, since we were eating there, we could valet for a few hours for $7.

That's fun; the T-rex is holding car keys.

Lots of cool Voodoo donuts.

We ate at the Brazilian steakhouse there.

Uh oh, they're out of cheese bread.

Thankfully they filled it up. Although their meat wasn't very good and the server was very slow to come around.

Ogii with angel wings.

People running through the fountains.

This guy was a little slow and got soaked.

Ogii spending some of her shopping money.

That's crazy.

Free coffee while you wait for your car.

A Lamborghini.

Massage time.

The SPF 15 sunscreen is half priced while the SPF 50 is regular. It's not worth saving $6 to possibly burn, though.

It'd be nice to live in these apartments; the grocery store is right below you.

More shopping.

Wait a second; I gave her cash. Why and I using my card?

Then, after we had checked out, she saw a hat and ran back to get it.

Lots of shopping done.

We hadn't eaten dinner, so maybe Target will have something.

They have a gigantic parking structure; I wonder if they get that busy?

This can't be a good neighborhood.

Ogii in her new clothing from head to toe.