2019 Feb 03 | Super Bowl at Emporium San Francisco

I bought a bake-your-own chocolate chip cookie that came in this little pan, and Ogii kept the pan and makes an egg in it for breakfast.

Nice sunrise.

Another one farther away.

I'm hard at work on my computer; Ogii is putting boots on her stuffed goat.

Another bright sunrise.

Watching Groundhog Day on Groundhog Day and eating chislic.

Randys Donuts painted their donut blue and gold for the Rams.

Although it wasn't just for fun; it was sponsored by Nike.

The Wilshire Grand was also displaying its support.

A rainbow.

I don't know what these nets are around the wires.

Ogii think it has something to do with birds, but what are they for?

They joys of driving in San Francisco: there's not even enough room for a car in our lane closer to the crosswalk.

It's cold and windy in San Francisco, even for someone who grew up in Mongolia.

An outdoor market.

BBQ for lunch.

Fun logo.

They're pretty busy with take-out orders for the Super Bowl.

Half the seats are covered, which are mostly taken because it's sprinkling out.

Me with our lunch.

Lots of varieties of meat.

Now it stopped raining and the sun is out.

Time for some boba and tea.

A knick knacks store.

Some neat books.

A marijuana tour bus.

A little clothing store.

The onto the reason we went to San Francisco: watching the Super Bowl at Emporium, a barcade with some huge screens.

They show all of the Golden State Warriors games there.

We had reserved seats. They cost a few dollars, but it was better than having to stand the whole time.

The upstairs bar.

Upstairs seating.

Downstairs bar.

Psychedelic mural.

Some old games.

Murals around a tokens machine.

$20 of tokens is dispensed in 4 drops; I remember that from my childhood.

Pinball corner.


Ogii beat me.

Killer Queen, you're seeing this around more.

Seats way up front.

Multiplayer games: Simpsons, TMNT, X-Men.

Fighting games.

Ogii playing Street Fighter.

Me playing.

Me on Mortal Kombat.

Some murals around Pac-Man.

Trying to eat each other.


I got the high score, but I don't think it'll stay that way too long.

Air hockey.

San Francisco Rush.

Playing the classic San Francisco stage while in San Francisco.


Ogii destroyed me at table shuffleboard.

Spy Hunter. I really don't remember how to play this.

The National Anthem.

Planes flying over the football field behind a football videogame.

We still have some tokens but the game is on, so time to stop playing and time to start watching.

Ogii spelled out RAM in tokens.

Ogii with some ciders.

I love that Tony Romo is an announcer, but we can barely hear them.

The first commercial is for the new Avengers movie.

Ooh, some excitement early on.

Although the women are on their phones instead of watching the game.

And a lot of other people aren't watching, either.

One of the good commercials.

They guys played one game of basketball where I didn't see them miss a single shot. They were pretty excited afterwards.

Air hockey directly below us.

Finally a Budweiser commercial with the clydesdales instead of the dumb kings.

Diving catch.

People getting excited.

Not a single inch of that car is parked legally.

We wanted to go to Chevys but the ones around San Jose are 100% permanently closed.

There are some open in the east bay, but that's a long ways out of our way.

There's one left on this side of the bay.

Although they've changed the oil used for their chips, so they're not nearly as good.

Lots of rain in the future.

Average physician salary according to Medscape. It's a fairly even rise until you hit the top two.

A real artist holding a concert in a video game.