2019 Feb 10 | Ogii work ski trip

Ogii cooking dumplings for Mongolian New Year.

I found a quarter.

So did Ogii.

Our new year instructions.

Ogii carrying them out.

Ogii had a work retreat up near Lake Tahoe. They were going to leave a few days earlier but there was a blizzard there, so they delayed the trip a bit.

The highway is closed east of where they're headed but open to there.

Headed out.

Stopping for lunch.

Lots of snow now.

Donner Pass? Where the 1800s settlers ate each other when they got stuck in the blizzard? And where it looks like there's a ton of snow now? Good thing we have plows.

At the cabin.

Ogii and her coworker.

Preparing dinner.

More food.

Dinner is ready.

It was Dr. Wong's birthday.

Blowing out the candles.

Everyone ready to eat.

Cutting the cake.


I'm back at home. There's snow in the mountains here, too.

But not as much as where Ogii is.

A pretty stained glass window at the cabin.

Lots of snow outside.

Don't think anybody is going to sit here.

Some giant icicles.


Snow everywhere.

Ready to head out.

Someone is going to have to do a lot of shoveling if they want to go up those stairs.

At Boreal Mountain.

Headed up.


Lunch time.

Ogii voice chatting with me.

A nice view.

It looks cold on top of those mountains.

The stop sign is almost under the snow.

A plow make a path.

Preparing dinner.

And cooking it.

Ogii all dressed up.

For the electron dance.

Back at home, it's pretty cold, too. Frost on windshields.

Lots of snow on the highway.

A giant sundog.

On the lift.

The top of the mountain.

Ogii there.

With Dr. Wong and Belinda.

Huge icicles on this building.

Done for the day.

Group photo.

Discussions by the fireplace.

Everyone in the kitchen.

Time for cake.


Pretty view of the lake.

A little too cold to swing.

More icicles.

Cleaning up.

A blooming flower greets Ogii back home.

And chocolates.

Lots of chocolates.

Ogii cooked breakfast.

Napping in the sun like the cat outside.

Ogii cooking again.

Netflix is going up a $1.

Sometimes we get errors due to slow internet.

Uh oh, ants.

They're coming out of this hole.

Nothing a little caulk can't solve.

They're going to have to chew a lot to get through that.

Nice sunrise on the hills.

We can pay our city bills online now. That's convenient.

Solar flower lights. Although we don't really need them.

Cows far out on the hills.

Offenses of people in prison. Nearly 50% are in for drugs, then almost 20% are for weapons.

UFC in Australia, so Donald Cerrone is doing a shoey.

As is Tai Tuivasa.

Out of Donald's boot.

It's been a long time since Silva was good, but we'll see how he does.

He made it through the fight and lost on points. His opponent is bowing down to him and was telling him how he remembers watching him fight years ago.

There are too many fights nowadays; none are that special.

A competitor to the NFL, the Alliance of American Football. They're closer to the NFL than the XFL, although still a little faster paced. I doubt they'll catch on, but we'll see.

Watching a poker stream on Sunday; Lex chopped the tournament for $19,000. Not bad for a day's work.