2019 Feb 18 | 80s cover band, Firecracker Festival, Broken Hearts Circus, Station 1640

Ogii is buttering her corn with her hand.

Looks like lots of rain.

Funny looking clouds.

Long rainbow.

Ooh, what's that behind the door?

A little bear.

Valentine's Day stuff hidden behind each door.

A rose here.

And she's full.

She got me some stuff, too, including a nice card.

And a card for her.

Cows on the hills.

Ogii is supposed to be reading but she's Facebooking instead.

Pizza for lunch. They make it in front of you.

And then bake it here.

With garlic knots and a s'more cookie.

Alita: Battle Angel in 3D IMAX at Citywalk.

Ogii with her 3D glasses on.

It's such a pain now to see if a movie has an after-credits scene.

Because they hide whether it does or not down into their website, so you have to click on the link and go to their website to see it.

Finally this one has it at the beginning so you can see from the Google search page if it does or not.

Kissing in front of a giant fabric heart.

It says do not enter. Hopefully that's just for cars and not walkers.

There's a ton to do in LA; so many brochures.

We stayed at the Best Western in Chinatown.

The entrance.


Our room, which has a lot of extra space over there.

Grabbing dinner next door.

Some painted koi on the ground.

A store that sells... I'm not sure. Lots of stuff.

This little convenience store has a moose head.

An eye doctor.

Another eye doctor.

And a family doctor with a cool entrance.

And the best possible street address for a Chinese doctor.

We met Kat and Kendra at The Rose in Pasadena for some 80s cover bands.

You normally have to reserve a table, but they weren't too busy, so we got an open one.

The first band played Ratt songs.

Not many people dancing, but a few people recording video.

Now a few more dancers.

The second band covered Poison. Except they were the same band members as the first one; they just changed their outfits.

And a new band: Fast Times. We got in for free because we got on their list via their website.

Rocking out.

Both playing the same guitar.

They let some people up on stage and this woman pushed the lead singer off his mic and started singing.

The guitarist snuck out into the crowd while playing.

Ogii's shirt glows in black light.

The four of us.

A view on the way out.

They had a mechanical bull in front.

We have a pretty busy Sunday planned.

Our hotel was only a block away from the Firecracker festival.

They have a 5k and a 10k, so we must be headed in the correct direction.

The beer area was packed.

Me at a Chinese gate.

Lots of vendors.

Some runners at another gate.


Some runners trying out the drums.

And the real drummers.

A little girl reciting the Chinese Zodiac animals.

This guy won both the men's 5k and 10k.

And this woman won both the women's 5k and 10k.

Polynesian dancers.

Some dragon dancers at a nearby restaurant.

A video of some of the performers.

The finish line of the race.

Some dogs ran and got medals.

A gate over here.

A line for food.

Looks good, except they ran out of pork buns.

Me buying some stuff.

Ogii with her snack.

Neat building.

Bruce Lee statue.

Chinese guardian lion statue.

Old mural.

Boba shop.

Random tourist stuff.

Bonsai trees.

A very old woman selling sunglasses.

Baby turtles.

Lots of red.

Neat tiger.

Ogii with a statue.

She won $5 on one of her tickets, which basically paid for her tickets.

Shlomo moved into this smaller area to save on rent as the landlord is increasing it. It's in the back corner instead of out in front. I wonder what will go where he used to be.

Hopefully people will still find it easily.

Smaller inside, but it should be enough room.

Ogii didn't even offer me any fruit snack; was she going to eat it all by herself?

Giant artistic parking meter.

What's a pinata petting zoo?

Some artistic thing.

At Angel City Brewery for the Broken Heart Circus.

Some food trucks in front.

A stilt walker.

A snake charmer.

An acrobat.

Vendors back here.

An upper area in the middle of the room.

With its own bar.

Artists down over here.

And the front over here.

Beer garden.


Getting a flight of beers.

Trying them out.

Some snacks on the tables.

Another comedian.

After that we headed to Hollywood to check out Station 1640.

They had a DJ.

And game systems set up at the various booths. They had NES, SNES, PS4, and Switch systems.

We took the old school booth.

Time for some Contra.

And Dr. Mario.

Wings, drinks, and controllers.

Newer systems over here.

Super Smash Bros.

Ogii checking out a clothing vendor. It was a neat place, although when we had video game parties at our place, it was pretty easy to move around to the different systems. Since each booth here only has one system, that's not going to happen; people are going to stay in the same booth the entire time.

Downtown from our hotel room.

We could have gone to a casino to watch the UFC fights and play poker, but Ogii was tired, so I watched the fights on ESPN on the TV and played some online poker.

These guys beat the crap out of each other.

Some big hits.

Kron Gracie has been training with his family since he was a young child.

We'll see how he does.

This was pretty cool; Kron flipped the guy while standing...

... rolled him over...

And then went for the choke.

Not getting out of that.

A women's fight.

And the main event. Cain hasn't fought forever because he's been injured.

I don't think that ref is big enough to stop these guys if he has to.

And Cain's knee goes out right at the beginning.

Fight over.

Driving onto the Santa Monica pier.

Driving down.

Only $2 per hour; pretty cheap if you're not staying too long.

Ogii on the boardwalk by the beach.

Some surfers.

Cool mural.

Doctor parking only. But it doesn't specifically say only the owner of R&R Bodyworks can park there, so can any doctor park there?

Korean BBQ for lunch.

Lots of meat.


Time for massages.

This self checkout at Walmart has a video camera, I guess so they have a video of your face if you try to steal.

Snow in the grapevine closed down traffic last night; hope it's open when we go back.

Snow in the mountains.

Thankfully none on the roads.

This couple had pulled over to have a snowball fight.

Sun rays.

Full moon.

Lots of traffic here.

No biggie; we can watch Moana on the TV of the car in front of us.

Payless going out of business sale.