2019 Feb 24 | Monterey cat show

Pretty flowers by trees.

The local Little Caesars has a device where you can order on an app, come in, and remove your order without even having to talk to a person.

I think this year's calendar is more cheaply made. It has all of these strips of paper that build up instead of tearing off. Last year's didn't do that.

Pretty murals on this restaurant walls.

Too much food.

Some turkeys.

These are nice houses, but you have to go across the highway to get to the ocean, which kind of ruins being close to the beach.

We need to try this some time.

At the Monterey Fairgrounds.

For a cat show.

This guy is fluffy.

Lots of them.


More over here.

That's a long cat.

Tail judging.


Some cupcakes.


Various cat-related items.


Pet me.

Items for a raffle.

The kittens are so cute.

A vicious attack.

This woman had cat tights.

Ogii in layers.

On a little bridge.

They stamped our hands with a cat picture. I didn't want that on there but didn't have any water, so I licked it off.

A little poker. Ogii thought making her ace-high flush on the river was good until she found out it made the other guy a full house.

Woodpeckers have punched hundreds of holes in these trees. It's kinda creepy; I think we all have a bit of trypophobia.

Then they stick nuts in them.

At an Italian restaurant for dinner.

Definitely have to get some 100-year-old recipe garlic bread.

Eating with Dr. Wong.

It was really good.

Ogii video chatting with her family.

This organic milk tastes like it's expired, even though it's not even close. Not a fan.

Ogii taking a nap in the sun.

At the local farm for some fruit and vegetables.

She just pulled up with some fresh stuff.

Don't show up too late or all of the baked desserts will be gone.

Ogii shopping.

A cute little bee on a flower.

Fresh eggs.

It's fairly popular.

Lots of poppies.

The commuter train.

This woman was way more fun that the guys.

Another woman, but this time a pro, Lily.

She changed outfits halfway through. Never seen that before.

I love his t-shirt; it says "Garrett's ATM," and Garrett is another player at the table.

This game they had a bunch of rich guys playing and one brought these three women.

Who were more entertaining than the players; they danced the Macarena in the background.

One of the commentators came down to dance with them.

Improving from a full house to quads; that's nice.

Although overall he lost $20,000.

The guy that brought the women had a VPIP of 86%, which is insane; most good players will be around 20%. I guess he has a lot of money.

Checkmate with a bishop.

What? An achievement? I didn't know this game had achievements.

I'd love to play bughouse but I can't find it. Maybe it's just on the desktop site?

I don't think you can play 20 games at once on your phone, either.

Checkmate by castling; I don't think I've ever done that.

Apparently I've played over 10,000 games.

Most DSLR cameras are called crop-sensor or full-frame, with the full-frame having a larger sensor. This, the Hasselblad X1D, is a medium-format camera, which has an even bigger sensor. Medium-format cameras used to always be in the $100,000 range, but this one is much cheaper, being "only" $10,000, bringing it closer in price to full-frame DSLRs but having a much better picture quality. With a few lenses, the kit is $18,000.

All of the lenses are quite expensive, too. High-quality DSLR lenses will be this much as well, but on those, you can also choose to get cheaper lenses. No such option here.

I'd also want a wide-angle lens, which doesn't come in the kit.

They have the body only used on Amazon for only $5,500, about half priced. The lenses are still pretty expensive, though.

Versus a DSLR with multiple lenses for under $5,000 total, about half the price when you include the lenses for the Hasselblad. This is the 5DS, which is a little older but has a 50MP sensor, good for printing big pictures. There are also many other newer DSLRs and even mirrorless cameras, which are cheaper and getting better and better. So many choices, but all still somewhat expensive.

They're still playing Super Street Fighter II Turbo in Japan competitively. They have a new mini tournament like every week. Amazing how great this game was to still be played.

This was funny. Balrog's super is used often, but here the opponent blocked.

On the other hand, you almost never see Guile's super, because it's pretty hard to get to hit, but after Balrog missed his, the Guile player pulled it off.

Another fun YouTube series, Best of the Worst, where they watch really bad movies.

A classmate won Young Optometrist of the Year in Texas; nice!