2019 Mar 10 | Golfland, Hop N Vine Fest

I wanted a sunset picture of the Point Pinos lighthouse to put at the top of the Monterey Bay Optometric Society newsletter I was writing, but it was a long way to drive for just a picture. Ogii got some after her work, though.

A beautiful shot.

With even more color.

Lots of rain; be careful on the highways.

This guy skidded into the ditch.

Although you do get sunsets with rain.

Checking out Alvarado Street Brewery to grab some sour beers for a home poker game.

It's in a warehouse-like building.

Lots of kegs.

The bar.


More food.

The beer I bought.

Weird patterns in the hillside.

Checking out a thrift store.

Lots of ties.

I bought a few good ones.

Not many places you can get four good ties for $10.

At the poker game.

Lots of beers.

I had 88 twice in a row, went all-in preflop with them both times, and got sucked out on both times.

Now that I'm out of the tournament, I guess I'll drink more beer.

Dropping off some stuff for Ogii's family in Mongolia.

Taping it up a bit more.

They have lots of other stuff to ship.

That's one way to keep the gate open.

At Golfland.

There had been a lot of rain recently so the course was pretty wet.

This pole kept getting in the way of Ogii's shot.

Hitting it back on after hitting it out.

A tall structure.

Swinging through the water.

Us with a lighthouse in the back.

A view from the edge.

A windmill with a door that barely opens.

They had a bunch of these volcano holes. They were really hard.

Ogii with the knights out front.

With some funny dragons.

A little enclosed area for parties.

A tiki hole.

This one is like Skee-Ball.

In front of the castle.

A video of some difficult holes.

They also had an arcade.

With two rooms.

Candy Crush.

Basically Frogger but slightly updated.


Pac-Man air hockey.

I swear this is almost the exact same game as the one in the 80s.

Even if it's harder, manual is so much more fun.

Ogii racing.

This seems like a fun game but I never get many points.


But it's like a card game, not a fighting game.

Mario Kart.

Dance Dance Revolution. It had a few fans off to the side to help keep cool while dancing.

One of my favorite songs from 3rd Mix.

Fruit Ninja.

My turn.

After that we headed to the Hop N Vine Fest. Parking was a little hard to find because it was directly across from Cirque du Soleil.

The school had parking for $10, though.

Entrance to the fairgrounds.

There was a long line for something here, but it wasn't the festival we were looking for.

There we are.

Walking in.

Lots of mushroom.


And vines.

Various beer samples.

Live music.

Candles in alcohol bottles.

Really good toffee.

Hot sauce.

Lots of food platters.

Beer tasting.

More drinks.


More bites.

Onto the wine.

And another.

And another.

A cooking class.

The had some people teaching you how to lasso.

Ogii catching herself.

A little better.

Me learning.

A video of us.

Games in an outdoor area.


A painter.

Ogii practicing volleyball at home. Well, in home.

Although if she hits the ball up onto this ledge, she needs a ladder and a broom to get it.

Bulls hanging out in a field.

Cows up on the hill.

These bushes look like a heart.

An upcoming carnival.

A while ago all of my pictures were turning upside down in Windows Explorer and on my website in certain browsers but not others. It seems like some update, either on my phone or in a program, started using the EXIF rotation tag.

I didn't even know there was such a thing, but I guess cell phones have it. But some programs use it to rotate images and others don't, so it creates a real pain.

I couldn't figure out how to make the images work correctly, so I spent a while trying to see if I could strip out the rotation information from the EXIF data. That would be a real pain to do, though, and the programs that do it weren't very user-friendly.

Finally I found a check box in Irfanview that would reset the EXIF orientation tag when I saved a picture. That's much easier than anything else. I wasted multiple hours trying to figure this out when all I had to do was check that box.

This sounds fun; you can play pirate on these ships.

Unfortunately they're all sold out.

I spent the rest of the day working on the optometry newsletter. I looked at ones from other societies for ideas, too.