2019 Mar 17 | Point Pinos lighthouse sunrise, deer, kayaking, volleyball

I got Ogii a chocolate egg with a candy chick inside; she got me one with a lizard toy.

This has been one of my favorite shirts for the past few years but it's just falling apart in too many places. I didn't even wear it that much; I guess it just wasn't made very well.

Playing cards with Ogii. I don't think I'm going to win this one; I have like a thousand extra cards.

Ogii bought me some birthday balloons.

Some presents from mom and dad.

All opened.

Yeah, I don't think I'm going to be dropping too many $100 bills that I'll need to pick up with this extendable rod, but it's a nice idea.

Presents from Ogii.

Another one. I think I can guess what this is, though.

Yep, a two-person kayak.

A cake with a giant chocolate kiss on top.

Pretty sunrise.

It's been a while since we've played the Playstation.

A close game. The computer-controlled characters were destroying us, but I think they got weaker as we kept losing.

Stuck in a corner.

And a little You Don't Know Jack.

I bought Ogii this stuffed hedgehog with bunny ears and little chocolate eggs.

My phone is getting old; it has this pink line across the display all the time, which I guess is a well-known problem with the Galaxy S7.

A few cracks at the edges, too.

I compared the cost of three phone plans over two years. You always hear that T-Mobile is the cheapest and Verizon is the most expensive, but in this case, since Verizon had a buy one, get one free offer on the Galaxy S10, it's actually cheaper. I also compared it Spectrum, which again is cheaper than Verizon and uses its network, but again, since you don't get a new phone, it's pretty much the same price as Verizon. And since you can only use that cell network if you have them for your internet, I decided to go with Verizon.

So we went in to check out if anything else caught our eye.

These Motorola phones have detachable camera lenses.

This giant TV at Walmart is cheaper than our new phones. Although I guess our phones can do more.

I'm pretty sure an adult wrote that as a dirty joke.

Deflating the kayak.

Unboxing our new phones.

The on-phone memory is so big that we don't need a SD card for more, although might want to hang onto this.

It comes with a pre-installed screen protector. I guess that's nice, so you don't have to put one on, but you'd think they'd figure out how to make a screen so a protector isn't needed.

Buying myself another award now that I'm president of MBOS; I had bought myself one a few years ago when I was the president of LACOS.

Jell-O shots for volleyball on St. Patrick's Day.

Ogii cooking some tasty dinner.

Comparing old and new phone cameras. The old phone.

And the new one, which is brighter and has a bit more detail.

Old without a flash.

New without a flash. About the same, although maybe slightly more detail on the new.

Old with a flash.

New with a flash. Again about the same, although the old one had a brighter flash.

Sunrise at Point Pinos lighthouse.

A bird flying over the ocean.

Some deer on the golf course.

A beautiful house.

With a three-car garage.

The lighthouse with some flowers.

At sunrise.

A nearby goose.

Some deer snacking on a person's lawn.

They weren't very scared of us.

Wandering over to the neighbor's.

Another deer farther into town; the last ones were just on the edge. He looks a bit lost.

The credit card reader is all duct-taped up; I think I'll use a different pump to be safe.

Somebody was feeding homeless people by the shore.

And also giving out free clothes.

They had some good food.

This bench seems poorly placed. All you see are bushes a few feet in front of you.

We were there for kayaking lessons. Before they opened some of the employees saw a bird with an injured wing.

So they caught it.

And put it in the box to go to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Nice kayak.

A bit more expensive than the one we got.

Pushing out.

Ogii kayaking.

Going under a bridge.

That's the pirate ship which was sold out.

Me by the pier.

The water was really shallow here.

So we practiced preventing flipping.

Our instructor.

Demonstrating how to get back into your kayak if you flip it.

That doesn't look too hard.

Some sea otters floating around.

And some more.

Out by the sea lions.

It was much rougher once you got out past the rocks.

The pirate ship at sea.

Pretty flower.

Then time for some volleyball. We had to fix a few holes in this net first.

A beautiful day.


Me hitting.




Everyone's eyes on the ball.


Going up for a big hit.

Everyone watching.

Same here.

Nice serve.

Picking teams.


Me tipping the ball over.

Right after a big hit.

After that we headed to Peter B's Brewpub.

It was pretty packed.

We still managed to snag a few green beers.

They had a live band.

A guy a dressed up dancing with an older woman.

The food looked good but the wait was too long.

A nice sunset.

By the boats.

Lots of sand in the car after volleyball.

I didn't know these things still existed; they were my favorite part of Brach's Pick-A-Mix.

You can buy them and the other candies online.

Different optometrists presenting interesting cases and competing for votes from the audience. A neat idea.

A new Canon camera. I don't really stay up-do-date on these, though.

Shopping for some cases for our phones. This one is cool; it can hold an ID and a credit card.

Although I prefer the clear plastic ones.

The ones with a little kickstand are neat, too.

That's a neat painting from one of my favorite movies; I just don't have anywhere to put it.

Annoying YouTube ad. He has a lamborghini in the background.

So many of these are just crappy scams or annoying systems.

IMAX had a special event of Nolan's three Batman movies. It almost instantly sold out in Los Angeles.

But San Francisco still had some seats.

Although most of the best ones were gone.

Pretty expensive, but it is three IMAX movies.

Checking out hotels to stay in afterwards. The problem with San Francisco ones is parking can be insanely expensive; the Marriott Hotel itself isn't so bad but valet is $65 per day.

This place has free parking...

... but it's extremely limited.

It's better to just park in one of the public garages.

Someone streaming PokerStars PowerUp on Twitch; I didn't know anybody actually streamed that game.