2019 Mar 24 | Salinas Air Show

Wells Fargo was out sponsor for the CE meeting on Tuesday night.

They had a trivia game with some giveaways.

And then discussed their loans for starting or buying a business.

Then it was time for our speaker, Brittney Dautremont, and ophthalmologist who discussed some iritis cases.

We had a decent turnout.

Ogii made chicken.

I love her spaghetti, but it sprays on my white coat at work about a quarter of the time. This time I took my white coat off and hung it up away from the food and sauce still somehow got it on. That doesn't even make sense.

Pretty sunrise.

A rainbow behind some palm trees.

There's a combo deal on the lotto tickets. But it's with the Super Lotto, which I never play.

The writer/producer's mom made the glass etching and cardhouses that look like penises in this movie.

A snail on our front walk.

The two big draws to the Salinas Air show were the Blue Angels and Robosaurus.

They started with some parachuters.

We were still in traffic waiting to get in, even though we showed up 30 minutes early.

This guy was in the pre-paid parking line, which was much shorter, and then shoved his way into the normal line right at the end. Jerk.

A few cars got stuck in the mud, so the volunteers had to push them out.

A big plane at the entrance.

Ogii inside.

Some pretty big lenses.

Smaller planes.

Lots of good food.

The Blue Angel planes lined up.

Some acrobatics.

An F-14.

Blue Angels staff taking pictures with attendees.


Burning and chewing on a car.

Tearing it in half.

A video of Robosaurus.

The operator getting out of Robosaurus.

Paired acrobatics.

Flying behind Robosaurus.

A hart from their contrails.

A Canadian jet.

A Japanese jet.

A big jet.

Ogii at the cockpit.

A small one.

Big engine on a little vehicle.

This car created a huge amount of fire.

Helicopter. The wide-angle lens on the phone stretches out the rotor neatly.

Long line for kettle korn.

Shorter one for frozen lemonade.

Time for the Blue Angels. The people right at the front have been camping out there all day.

Smart to bring an umbrella.

Big crowd.

Somebody on top of a jet.

The Blue Angels support plane.

The Blue Angels, barely missing each other.

Close flying.

Upside down.

Flying overhead.

Coming around from the side.

Very close together.

A big loop.

Coming from behind.

And then separating.

All together.

Spreading out behind a big jet at the end of the show.

A bird with bright eyes at Ogii's work.

Life of a King, a chess movie I hadn't heard about.

Maybe I can get tickets to Metallica with the San Francisco symphony since it's a special presale only for Chase credit card holders?

Nope, they sold out instantly, and then were instantly on the resale sights for a huge markup. What a bunch of crap. People were really annoyed, especially because even the legacy fan presale tickets were all bought up by bots.

Metallica realized their mistake and created a second concert only for fans with a lottery system.

The cheapest resale prices for the original concert are nearly $500, when they were initially around $100.

The second concert isn't quite so bad, although still way overpriced.

Why am I getting offers for a family physician position in Huron, SD? Someone has their database messed up.

Funny faces on video chat on our phones.

Although the phone knows when I'm at Walmart and mentions I can use Samsung Pay there; kinda creepy.

This old movie had a Texas State Optical in it.

A new movie advertised on Amazon Prime. Although it looks like a high school production. How does this get on Amazon?

Napping in the sun.

Lots of poppies.