2008 May 11 | moving

I bid on a bunch of watches on eBay with really low minimums, like $1, and I won some. I actually felt kind of bad, especially on this one, because he had to ship it from China and it's probably nnot even worth his time to package it up for $1.

I've had this garbage can for at least eight years, and I never knew that the top would stay open like that until Mom visited and left it like that. I had always taken the top all the way off and laid it on the floor. Eight years.

Apparently nobody wants lime juice; the lemon one is all by himself.

I drove the Jeep rather than the Explorer to school but forgot to grab my parking permit. I also forgot to grab quarters for the meters in the pay lots. There is this one space on the end that doesn't have a meter in front of it for some reason, but somebody already had it when I got there.

So I just waited until someone pulled out and thankfully that meter still had over an hour on it.

This guy has to cut all the locks off the lockers at the end of the school year if people leave them on. He said all of the lockers were empty, though, so I couldn't figure out why people wouldn't take their locks, too.

I went apartment searching and one I looked at was downtown and had a really neat view.

It looks like the semi tried to turn out when the car was beside it and there wasn't quite enough room for both of them, so the car got stuck between the semi and the divider.

The A/C compressor pulley on the Jeep stopped turning, so I had to take it in to get fixed. Thankfully I was at the university when it happened so I could pull into a parking lot right away.

This was some wallpaper. I couldn't quite figure out if it was just a picture or if the wall was really corrugated, even by moving my head around, so I actually had to reach out and touch it to make sure.

Bad grammar by not having commas where they should be is annoying, but it's even worse to stick them in where they don't belong.

They didn't push some of the money down into this tip jar, so someone could come along and pull it back out.

Aw, they should have added a few more rows and then they could have a chessboard.

I went to a movie and they had an old Galaga machine. It's funny how long strong emotions stay with you. As soon as I saw the bee enemies I was filled with hate and anxiety because they were so hard to avoid years ago.

The big arcade-type places like Dave and Busters don't have any games that are fun. I walked around the whole thing and didn't see a single game I wanted to play. The racing games are OK, but they're so expensive.

Every time I park in this lot some car with bullet holes parks beside me.

I went to the midnight IMAX showing of Speed Racer. I was surprised that the theater was basically empty until about 30 minutes until the movie started. In San Francisco, there would be a huge line at least a few hours beforehand.

What great luck; the day I'm moving the elevator doesn't work. They got it fixed by that evening, though, after we had moved everything out.

The living room of new apartment.


Bedroom and bathroom. Almost all the residents are Hispanic, and when the agent was showing me around, it took me a few seconds to process some of the words she used, like "washateria" instead of "laundry room."

There are some guys who put a rummage sale together for you. You just tell them what you want sold, and they price it, do all the advertising, etc. I wouldn't think anybody would make much money off the deal, but they're still around, so they must be making some.

That's what you get for not reading the manual. I thought the Jeep only had six radio presets until I accidentally hit 1 twice and it changed to 7, so there are actually twelve presets, which was a nice surprise.

One of the few cars at my new apartment complex that has rims. It's kind of close to some ghetto areas but not actually in one as far as I can tell, as the lack of rims indicates. Also, most cars aren't run down or on blocks; they're mainly normal vehicles. There were a few apartment complexes I didn't even stop at because all of the vehicles parked at them were in such bad shape.