2019 Apr 07 | Rancho Cielo casino night, Good Old Days in Pacific Grove

Double rainbow Ogii got a picture of.

And sunset from her office.

The Roomba is hiding under the bed.

That sounds like a nice intersection to live at.

These are our old car phone holders. They're magnetic and on our old phones they worked great, but my new phone keeps falling off. Ogii's still sticks on hers just fine, though.

So I bought this one. I don't really like the ones that hold your phone instead of using a magnet, but it does have a quick release and wireless charging built in.

Although it kept stopping and restarting charging. I had bought two and the second one worked fine, so I guess the first was just made poorly.

Ogii bought a "ring for a kiss" bell.

Nice sunrise colors.

I walked by a city newspaper dispenser at the post office.

There was an ad for a casino night; we should check that out, especially it's for a really good cause; they train youth facing challenges.

The company that provides all of the casino equipment and staff.

Time to go have some fun.

The sponsors and prizes.

Some good food.

And wine.

Fun cookies.

A few speakers.

One of the kids at the ranch.

Onto the games.

Ogii winning a poker hand.



Craps. Which we have no idea how to play.

This flower is blooming.

A cute panda hanging on.


Even plated it still looks creepy.

I looked on Google to see if anybody can make it look non-freaky, and nope, they're all weird.

Ogii's new necklace.

Sunday morning we went to church with Dr. Wong.

Lunch there.

A couple of Ogii's coworkers.

Good Old Days in Pacific Grove.

Interesting history.

A ballroom.

Fun pop-up cards.

Another band.

Checking out wind ornaments.

Solar-powered hummingbirds.

Stained-glass art.

That's a giant pizza.

A list of many of the theater productions in the area.

Kids ride.

A petting zoo.

Old house.

Which was owned by a doctor.

Lots of meat.

Some art.

A wildflower show is coming up. We should go to that.

Hugging a whale.

The paddle-boat lake.

Baby geese are so cute.

Ogii in the flowers.

Flowers on the hill.

People taking pictures of them.

Good license plate and car color for a solar company.

Neat plants.

Cool mural.

Neat old house.

This one is rather broken down.

I love this one's color.

One with nice paint accents.

The Greene Mansion.

Pointy church.

The paper straw on my boba ripped in half before I was done drinking it.

Pot-Limit Omaha: straight flush draw versus quad kings. The draw didn't get there.

It's interesting three players all have almost one-third chance each to win the pot. It's just luck at this point.

Neat house near Morro Bay.

Not a cheap area.

This place is cool; you could live where you work.

They sell house furnishings.

Lots of stuff.

Beautiful stained-glass window in the ceiling.

Another amazing stained-glass window in the bedroom of Morro Bay.

A view of the rock from the roof patio.

Nice shot of the area.

Aw, Microsoft doesn't do April Fools day.

A LEGO brick finder would be very useful.

Google had the snake game in various cities.

In San Francisco you're a cable car. Sometimes you pick up passengers, and sometimes you drive through landmarks.

The ferry building.

The Palace of Fine Arts.

Coit Tower.

A fortune cookie.

The Golden Gate Bridge.

94 points.

Downloading movies from Amazon. It's nice they give you an option of quality and size.

A movie marathon of all 22 Marvel movies? That's a bit too long.

That's a lot of movies.

Endgame is selling out pretty quickly. It's fun to watch how the seats sell out from the middle-back out.

We thought about going to Sinbad at the Chumash casino, but it was too far of a drive and all of the hotels around there are too expensive. And their calendar starts on Monday; in theory that might be a nice idea, but it's still weird.

Cleaning supplies for toys? That's cruel.