2019 Apr 21 | Anniversary in Monterey - sea cars, sailing, Mission Ranch, wildflower show

Trying some new fruit. They taste like lemon, though; a little too strong.

Ogii using our new grill.

Who would ever cut 7 portions like this?

Our neighbors dropped off some romaine hearts; that's nice.

Giving them to our other neighbors.

Some earrings to go along with Ogii's new necklace, all sapphires in Black Hills gold.

She gave me five Tootsie Rolls. So I guess she won the anniversary gift-giving competition; she gave me five items and I only gave her three. Plus, these taste better.

Ogii's practice for her civics test is going well.

Watching My Cousin Vinny, our anniversary movie.

And eating McDonald's, our anniversary meal.

Best menu ever.

Some baby kittens.

How did a cat that looked like this have two all brown and two all black cats? Genetics is weird.

The t-shirts Ogii bought us for our four-year anniversary.

Driving a Sea Car around Monterey.

Headed down Cannery Row.

Lots of people like to watch.

Out to Pacific Grove.

Lover's Point.


Ogii by some flowers.

Their recommended route.

Ogii's turn to drive.

Nice flowers.

Stacked rocks in front of this house.

Stopped by the ocean.

To watch the waves.

Uh oh, some big bumps.

A gargoyle on the wall around a house.

Lots of windows.

We wanted to go left, but there was an accident, so we had to go right.

I don't think our little cart has the power to go up this hill; we'll turn here.

Another Sea Car.

Cool sign for Cannery Row.

Uh oh, a bee on the windshield. Thankfully he didn't come after us.

Driving on the boardwalk.

Us by the sailboats.

The baby geese are a little more grown up now.

Reverse gear is Ogii pulling.

Or pushing.

And we're done.

A video of a us driving.

We had thought about renting this corner space on the pier when it was for sale, but it was surely too expensive. Too bad; it got turned into just another candy store, which are taking over the pier.

Everyone watching a sea lion jumping up onto the pier.

Time to go sailing.

They're fixing this one a bit. Hope it's good to go for us.

Sewing a rope.

Different types of knots.

They had a professional photographer along on the trip, too. Hopefully she got some good shots of us.


And wine.

Sea otters.

Sea lions.

Our captain and another couple on our boat.

The captain let the other guy drive the boat a bit.

He turned the wrong way and the boat started to tip.

Uh, we're getting really tilted here.

Ogii holding on.

Time for a quick Google search. Thankfully it's almost impossible for sailboats to capsize.

Ogii got to drive a bit, too.

Looking very professional.

A video of Ogii sailing.

Us together.

The other boat.

Almost sunset.

The oldest boat in the harbor.

The other boat had a bunch of women in rather skimpy dresses. It was pretty cold, even for us in leather jackets, and they were all wrapped up in blankets in coats by the end.

What's this?

Electric wires to keep the sea lions off the dock.

We stayed at Mission Ranch that night.

A little patio.

The restaurant.

It was pretty busy.

There was a pianist and a singer.


Ogii with an interesting sleeping position.

The small houses you can rent for the night.

There are a lot of rich people here.

Sunday brunch.

Lots of bread.

Lots of dessert.

Ogii getting some food.

Various meat.

A carving station.

You can also sit outside and watch the sheep in the field.

We got a spot by the window.

The sheep up close.

Us with the sheep.

Another angle.

Ogii on a little bridge.

There was a house for sale nearby. Let's check it out.

The entrance.

Nice view from a bedroom.

And the living room.

And the kitchen.

And the dining room.

And the outside dining area.

And the game room.

Ogii in front.

Lots of parking for guests.

Although it's a bit out of our price range.

That afternoon we went to the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History for their wildflower show.

In the entrance.

Ogii checking out some flowers.

Lots of skinny ones.

Rattlesnake grass.

Various flowers.

Mission Bell lily.

Star tulip.

Butterfly lily.

I hate these ice plants. They're super thick and annoying.

Miner's lettuce.

Pretty blue ones.


Thistle sage.

Blessed Thistle.

Martin's Paintbrush.

Gray's clover.

Queen Anne's Lace.

Lots of pinecones.

Various pinks and blues.

Ogii checking out some of them.

This woman was really into the flowers; she knew which ones they didn't have at least year's show.

Ogii in a nest outside.

Pretty purple flower.

A yellow one.

Ones that hummingbirds like.

They missed the perfect chance to put a fun plaque saying "plastic snake" for the hose.

Lots of yellow and orange leaves on this tree.