2019 Apr 28 | Poppy Festival, Dutch King's Day, Cirque du Soleil Amaluna

Ogii's history questions, chopped up so I can ask her them in random order.

We went up to San Jose to work on Ogii's citizenship.

Her file is pretty big. We had to do two parts, but the person who met with us said one part wasn't ready and they didn't have the right type of interviewer either. Thankfully Ogii's lawyer asked them to check again and they found someone who could do it, which saved us from taking another day off of work.

This looks like a nice place to have lunch.

Unfortunately they're closed.

Sak's Off 5th is going out of business. Too bad; we really like that store.

These are kind of cool, although I can't think of anywhere I'd wear them.

Not to mention they're way too big and, even at an outlet store, still way too expensive.

This is kind of nice except for the messed-up string right in the middle.

Fun shoes.

A mini Lite-Brite.

In the dark.

A lot of poppies near Lancaster.

The poppy preserve.

Although there aren't many poppies near the parking lot.

Thankfully there are tons of places to pull over on the side of the road with poppies right in the fields instead.

Me in the flowers.

And Ogii.

Down low.

There's also a musical road that plays the finale of the William Tell Overture.

Driving over the musical road.

At the poppy festival.

I like their logo.

Ogii's orange dress blends in well.

The state parks.


Lots of meat.


One selling dresses.

Ogii shopping.

A paint and sip artist.

Kids dancing on stage.

Lots of poppy paintings.

Geology club.

Pretty umbrellas.

Redwood signs.

A stage with singers.

Fun plant holders.

A big house.

Another one being built.

That's smart; make it available to rent on Uber.

Pretty flower.

A people walker.

Wow, that's a long line for H&R Block. But taxes were already due. Maybe they're filing late? Oh, wait, they're in line for the burger place next door. That makes more sense.

A pet store with turtles.

And a hamster with a tiny little baby hamster.

Cafe Jack in Koreatown.

It's Titanic themed.

Also in the other room.

You can call them for service.

Big ice cream.

A woman live streaming herself there.

A bunch of people watching a movie in the next room.

A mall I've never noticed nearby.

Looking down from the third floor.

They have an optometry office.

I love the door handles on the Korean BBQ place.

Movie screenings.

I had an appointment for a hair cut, but I don't see a barber shop anywhere.

The address was this shoe service place.

Well, what do you know, the barber shop was in the shoe service store.

His original shop across the street had had a fire and he had to leave it. He sais he hasn't bothered to put up a new sign in the new location because everyone finds him anyway.

Ogii with her new haircut.

Love Korean BBQ.

That's not meat.

There we go.

Good stuff.

No vending in this area of Hollywood.

The Walk of Fame is pretty long.

They were doing a security check for the new Avengers movie at the Chinese Theater for some reason, so the line was really long.

Robert Downey Jr's hands.

It's beautiful inside.

I love the ceiling.

Colorful outside at night, too.

A drive-by barber.

An amazing paint job on a Corvette.

Eating breakfast with Gred, Dagii, and Sarnai.

Dutch King's Day in Long Beach.

I don't think I'll be having any haring.


Most people were wearing orange. This guy had a Sturgis Rally shirt.

Dutch food.

Dutch candy; that's what I'm talking about.

I didn't know there was a Dutch store in LA, but it's LA; they have almost everything.

Carving shoes by hand.


Playing a game.

It's rather difficult.

They had some Dutch backdrops to take pictures in front of.

Feeding a cow a stroopwafel.

Ogii likes her grape drink and stroopwafel.

What is this?

Ah, the red light district.

A Barbie prostitute.

A band.

Let's try this licorice.

Ogii is not a fan.

A helicopter through the bridge.

If it's extremely poisonous to animals and humans, why is it planted along a sidewalk?

Pretty flower.

They had a shuttle for the Cirque du Soleil show from the parking garage, but it was a nice day and a short distance, so we and most people just walked instead.

Long Beach statue.

Merchant Marine Veterans memorial.

A 16-inch, 50-caliber barrel from the USS New Jersey. The barrel is 68 feet long and the projective is 2,700 pounds with a range of 24 miles. The bullet is bigger than Ogii.

If we can't get into the Cirque show, we can just hop on the cruise ship instead.

At the entrance to Amaluna.

A Mongolian flag; I wonder if one of the performers is Mongolian?

A lounge.

I'm pretty sure years ago you weren't allowed to take any photos. Now I guess they've given up; too many people have cell phones with cameras.

Nice stage.

The MC.

An actor dumping popcorn an audience members.

Cool costumes.

It had a fantasy story.

A water bowl.

The fun actors playing in the crowd.

I loved the rock music.

This was our favorite act; she kept balancing longer and longer sticks.

And had to go up on tiptoe to fit them on this final piece.

Fire and water.

That's pretty high.

All of the performers.

The all-female rock band.

A nice car on the way back home.

Behind a sexy grandma.

I can't stand how meekly Ogii drives; she can't stand how aggressively I drive. Our new phones have a heart rate monitor, which she likes to display when she gets scared by my driving.

Pretty, but rather blinding.

Normally we just take the 5 home, but there was a big car crash on the grapevine. Google was advising to take the coast. However, even if it seems a little faster, it's a much smaller and windier road.

Although the delay on the 5 was getting worse, not better, so we decided to take the long way around.

Yeah, I think I would have preferred to wait in traffic a bit more; this road is pretty bad, especially when it's very dark and foggy.

I bet these guys were headed to Vegas.

One classmate is opening a third location.

It looks very nice.

Erin is spending more time at her private practice as well. That has to be one of the best doctor photos ever, especially because she loves working with kids. Too many doctor pictures are typical headshots.

Motion-sickness glasses.

They look really goofy, but it might be worth it if they actually work. I'm doubtful, though.

We were supposed to get adult eyeglasses through Medi-Cal reinstated next year, but it's not in the proposed budget.