2019 May 12 | Red Barn flea market, Garlic City casino, Jack London Square Art and Wine Festival

They Disneyana Flea Market.

Various tools.

Random stuff.

Unfortunately the BBQ was closed that day, so we had to go elsewhere for lunch.

I guess we'll check out the Garlic City Casino.

A cool mural they have at the entrance.

Not huge but not tiny.

Giant portions of food.

We watched soccer on TV while eating. This guy acted like he got hurt, and they taped his jaw up, but he and the medical staff were laughing about it, so I think he was just faking.

All of the players drinking out of these little bags. Don't they have Gatorade?

Onto the poker tournament. Most of the players were very nice. A really old guy bluffed me out of a big pot, which was fun.

Interesting sunset; two areas of color.

A spiky caterpillar.

A big dinner.

Followed by some exercise. You can adjust the length of these jump ropes to fit you better.

I jumped barefoot, but I smacked my feet a few times. Ogii was smart and wore shoes.

Time for some yoga.

That's a really beautiful location, but I'm so mesmerized by the squirrel climbing down the tree behind her I forgot about the yoga.

A giant bowl of tinfoil keeping the tortilla chips warm at a local Mexican restaurant.

Saks Off 5th has even more store closing signs now.

Cool shirt, but not worth $198.

A suit.

That might be a good deal if I knew the brand was actually any good and if I needed a suit, but I don't.

Funny hat.

This fur coat is a little too big for Ogii.

Plenty of other outfits to try.

That looks like one of those rotating towels some public bathrooms have.

Jack London Square in Oakland has a lot of little shops. They're trying to make it a more upscale neighborhood.

Although freight trains came through here. There's also a passenger train.

Nice grassy area.

Where the ferry from San Francisco docks.

These wooden seats are really nice to sit on.

The reason we're there: the art and wine festival.

The entrance.

One area with vendors.

Easy way to haul your clothes around.

The cactus blooms look goofy.

Our first wine stop.

Animal logos.


More wine.

Their selections.

These mobile stores are catching on.


More art.

An artist collective.

That's similar to what I shoot.

But not many people are going to spend that.

This was only around $50, though; much easier to get.

Lots of people were hanging out in the area.

Some info on the square.

A statue of Jack London.

Live bands.

You could paint on this wall.

Lots of meat.

Although we went for pizza instead.

Some nice paintings.

Back to shopping.

And drinking.

Some cookies after lunch sound great.

Lots of wines.

Some nice art.

I like the name of that boat: Miss B Havin'.

Looking at San Francisco.

More wine.

This area has a ton of palm trees.

A saloon.

Puppies to pet.

Very nice patio.

In the VIP area.

A cheese plate.

A few more tastes of wine.

Ogii enjoying her drink.

And resting on the bench.

Us by the palm trees.

You can look down and see the ocean underneath.

Does that house have a tree growing through it?

At 185,000 miles the Prius is still doing well.

A fisherman.

He made a customized license plate cover to explain his license plate.

Black mamba or Berkeley MBA? And why 24?

I have no idea. The little person with a bell made out of pipe is cute, though.

Lots of goats on this farm.