2019 May 19 | pool party and poker with Lance and Sarah in Indio

Cool sun rays.

Friendless? That's sad.

67 heaven.

I wonder why all these guys are standing outside McDonalds. Maybe it's for farm work or something.

Full moon on the drive.

Hiding behind the clouds.

Peeking out underneath.

Jet contrails. It looks like the one decided to follow the other after they crossed.

Accident late at night.

I wonder if someone ran a red light.

At the rental house in Indio.

Uh oh, these chips have mold on them. Thankfully we brought some too.

Time for poker!

Another angle.

27 beats AK.

Running it three times.

Low angle.

Aces cracked.

Sarah and Ogii.

Lychee edibles; that's interesting.

A cabana, pool, and a volleyball court; that's like my perfect back yard.

A grilling and chilling area.

One bedroom with Ogii still asleep.

Making breakfast.

Giant pancakes.

Ogii working her way through it.

We brought some flowers.

Time to blow up the pool float.

Getting there.

Our air pump stopped working halfway through, but thankfully the house had another larger one.

And it's in the pool.

Lots of room.

Flamingo head and palm tree.



Some mini flamingo drink holders and a beach ball to hit around.

Ogii looks comfy.

Or passed out.

Sarah cooking hot dogs.

For lunch.

With watermelon.

Watching a stand up comedian on TV.

We bought lots of lotto tickets for everyone. No winners, though.

More poker.

We both had the same cards, 66.

And the same thing happened the very next hand.

Cooking dinner.

Playing pool.

Good break.

Some birthday cakes.

For Sarah.

Everyone enjoying cake.

Time for volleyball. Ogii with a good serve.

From the other side.

Good games.

And back to poker.

Three runouts.

Now time to deflate the pool toys.

Sarah and Ogii working on this smaller one.

Ogii got a shot of a hummingbird flying by.

Cool flower.

Tons of palm trees.

Nice mansion.

Some new yellow plants growing all over the hills.

Ah, they just closed a few minutes ago.

We started watching Bio-Dome but it was so horrible we couldn't get through more than 15 minutes.

Let's try Anaconda instead.

Better keep your feet on the couch or else the snake could eat them.

Sarah and Lance traveled a lot the past few years.

These guys keep emailing me about MD positions.

Decent pay, I guess, except I'm not an MD.

These pens are $3.16 a piece in a 3-pack or $11 a piece in a 18-pack. That makes no sense.

A bunch of chess wins in a row.

And a bunch of losses. This usually happens when I have a bad connection or I'm tired.