2019 May 26 | Ogii naturalization oath ceremony

Grabbing some coffee at Cherry Bean. Nice layout.

There's an art walk on the first Friday of the month. Might have to check that out.

I saw an ad for this lecture by a guy who went to Mongolia. The lecture was that night, so I texted Ogii and she went.

The lecture.

I had my own lecture to get to at Giorgio's at 201 Main.

First Ronald Seger, the COA president, discussed the importance of membership.

Then a few notes from the night's sponsor, Optovue.

And finally Steve Ferrucci talked about OCTs and glaucoma.

Good food.

Yummy dessert.

I only use the one that's generic; all the others are too expensive. Good to know in case someone is allergic to the generic, but that's almost unheard of.

Cool sink.

Ogii having dinner with her coworkers.

Pretty sunset.

Dark Sun, about the making of the hydrogen bomb, the sequel to The Making of the Atomic Bomb.

I had a ton of notes on this book, too.

Couldn't quite squeeze them all onto the front of my note.

Some presents for Ogii.

Ring, necklace, and pin.

At the Heritage Theater for Ogii's naturalization ceremony.

Yep, it's the government; there are lines.

This guy explaining which line to be in.

I was over here in the guest line.

This guy had a flag tie on.

The guests were up in the balcony.

Ogii was down in the front right.

Everyone waving their mini American flags.

There were 400 people from over 50 different countries.

Saying the oath of allegiance.

The whole group.

A message from President Trump.

Ogii as a US citizen.

Out front with her flag.

I stopped for gas and Ogii went next door to a printing shop to see if they could get a passport photo of her. After filling up I didn't see her anywhere. I figured she was a US citizen now and she was ditching me forever to go live her life. But then she showed back up; she had walked to a nearby photo studio to see if they could take a picture, but they were closed.

We went to Mo's afterwards; gotta have a burger for your first meal as a US citizen, right?

They even had a red, white, and blue burger.

Ogii with her food.

Cool house.

Tall palm trees.

Trying out this new streaming app on our Roku, Crackle by Sony.

Unfortunately, they only have a few TV shows.

Fortunately, they have NewsRadio.

Unfortunately, they have ads. A couple before the show...

... six in the middle...

... and five near the end. I was used to ads as a kid, but I can't stand them nowadays. How horrible it is to have to wait a few minutes to continue your entertainment.

They even had a local ad; I wonder how they pulled that off.

Cleaning up the house on the weekend.

I bought a new hoodie like my favorite old one, but it's not the same. It's softer, which I don't like.

This was the original from Korea. It's probably not available anywhere anymore.

We were hauling some wood out of the garage and it had a few giant spiders on it.

And a ton of baby spiders.

Piled up on Ogii's car.

Waiting in line to dump it off at the free dumping day.

The bins for different materials.

Ogii tossing the wood in.

Looks like a new barn was built onto an old barn and then the old barn started to fall apart.

We went to Alba Farms because they had a family fun day event.

Where is it?

Aw man, it was last weekend, not this weekend. How embarassing.

Lots of goats here.

It's hard to make out this sign because it's behind the tree.

Eating at Elli's Great American restaurant.

Ogii with the Statue of Liberty out front.

Very clean inside.

Me with my food.

They had gigantic portions.

Ogii with her huge piece of bread.

What a day; first we went to the family farm day on the wrong day, and then I cross the 2 on the total instead of the 7. What am I tipping; seven Z? I definitely can't leave this receipt with the restaurant; they'll call the cops and say I'm too dumb to not be in a group home.

A little lounge in the same building.

THe restaurant seems to patriotic but you can't wear red or blue clothes in the lounge?

Stocking up on flowers and meat at the grocery store.

Ogii planting the flowers.

The numbers on this speed limit sign are spaced too far apart; it creeps me out.

An appropriate plate for a blue car.

Carved has some cool phone cases.

Their live edge ones wrap the wood and resin all the way around the edges.

Although they're very limited; I think they only have one of each and only sell a couple per day.

They sell out in under a minute. Not to mention they're nearly $200. And they don't have Galaxy S10 ones anyway.

So I ended up buying some non-edge ones; not quite as cool, but much cheaper.

The resin is really sparkly in some areas and the wood is really nice, too.

I also bought Monica and Brendan each one for their birthdays.

A funny post from the volleyball group in Monterey. Everyone is just standing around watching the ball come down.

That would be a nice necklace to buy Ogii, but it's a bit on the expensive side.

A little less nice, a little less expensive, but still too expensive.

This annoying set of books is called the "gemstone" brooch series, so if you try to look for, say, sapphire brooch, you get this dumb book.

That's a really cool house.

The mods on the movie subreddit deleted a thread with the Terminator: Dark Fate trailer, so Arnold Schwarzenegger himself posted it again.

Then he hung out in the thread afterwards and gave people great life advice.

I was thinking about getting a new driver's license at the DMV as I'll need it in the next year or so, but next available appointment is over a month away.

The same at another nearby DMV. That's crazy.

A fimrware update for my hard drive? That's a little scary.

Especially with this warning.

Googled it a bit and it seems to be a good update.

More scary warnings.

And it only took three seconds and worked fine. Phew.

Checking out the tids at Elkhorn Slough for kayaking. Tide-wise it seems the best time to paddle in with the current is 10am to 6pm and then back out would be after 6pm; the problem is the wind really picks up in the afternoon and can be a pain. I guess we'll keep an eye on it and see if it changes.