2019 Jun 02 | Venice art walk, goat yoga

Great dinner from Ogii.

All the Monopoly pieces collected from the grocery store and no winners.

Except for a cuple of instant wins. One donut, one yogurt, and one bottle of aspirin. Great.

Ordered pizza with Pepsi. They said the didn't have regular Pepsi but they did have diet. Fine, I'll take that. Except they didn't, so they brought us two instead. Which is a nice idea, except I don't really like either of these.

Fresh orange juice is so good.

Great breakfast by Ogii.

We watched every episode of Friends. Now we're down to just NewsRadio.

There's an optical at the bottom of their building.

Looks like there are a lot of them in Manhattan.

Thursday night I had a CPR class.

Lots of pumping.

And shocking.

It went pretty late, but Ogii said she'd stay up for me. She tried, but not quite. It's amazing her hand is able to hang onto her phone even when she's asleep.

Fun Cadillac shop.

I had won two personal posture sessions in the Mia La Maven charity poker tournament a while ago. We finally had some time to use them.

Ogii at the entrance.

They have a computer to scan your posture.

Ogii going over hers.

Working it out.

It's in a nice area.

One of their neighbors is the Mia La Maven spa; that makes sense.

Lunch at The Counter.

Watching the Champions League final between Tottenham and Liverpool.

A bunch of fans after the game outside a pub.

And another group.

Then time for some massages.

And then back for my posture session. Except one problem: power was out on the entire block.

Some employees had closed down and left.

The elevator wasn't working, so we had to take these back stairs up.

Thankfully right around then the power came back on, so we just had to wait for the computers to boot back up.

Checking my posture.

And while walking.

Onto the exercises.

Stretching out the back.

And another way.

And another way.

Better posture now.

Cool mural.

This way to the beach.

A house that seems to have been uninhabited for quite a while. Still costs over $1 million.

Welcome to Venice.

Yep, it's definitely Venice.

There was an art crawl there today.

Our first stop.

Craft vendors and a musician.

A movie on the history of Venice.


No refunds, no animals, no visitors.

A mural at the corner of Lincoln and Rose.

A lot of people really don't like these scooters.

Someone put a "turd" sticker over the "Bird" name on this one.

Bird statues.

Another stop.

Super-detailed drawings of battle ships.

A surfing mural.

Ogii walking under a tree.

Some more art.

a DJ.

Photographer working.

Cool artwork on the side of the building.

Barcycle. Those are fun.

Creepy clown.

A very long house.

Lots of art on the sidewalk.

This looks similar to the first art show I did. She has some nice shots.

Drumming with a kid.

We bought this piece.

Really neat woodwork on the top of this building.

Great little garden.

And another out back.

Cool little open room upstairs.

A ton of people packed into this area.

Lots of smaller pieces of art.

Painting on cardboard.

Dinner at La Cabana.

A giant chip.

Cinco de Mayo is a long ways away.

Big portions.

Our picture.

Locks of love.

Really nice patio at the hotel.

Very clean inside.

Pretty shot of Santa Monica in this room.

One of downtown in the bathroom.

A washcloth bird.

Although there was a spider on the bed. Just had to shoo him out of the room.

Fun candy at the dollar store.

A great breakfast at Bread & Porridge.

Most of their staff has been there since they opened.

Gifts for Sarnai for Mongolian children's day.

Then onto Laughing Frog Yoga for goat yoga.

Their car.

Getting the goats ready outside.

Here they come.

Introducing the goats.

Back massage.

Ogii looks excited.

A goat on her.

Uh oh, he fell down a bit.

Back up again.

Coming across onto me.

The other one.

Uh oh, a goat leak.

On the people behind us.

Ogii getting a kiss.

Going under.

A quick pet.

Walking across.

A snack on me.

Ogii is doing more goat watching and less yoga.

Goat selfie.

For me.

Some droppings.

They were prepared.

Everyone lining up for their goat poses.

The goats loved chewing on hair.

This guy had a pretty hard pose.

Our turn.

No kisses while posing.

Ogii's hair tastes good, too.

Uh oh, a few more droppings. But they were quick with the cleanup.

A giant jasmine plant. Smells so good.

This person has been camped out here for a while.

Having a code doesn't do much good if you just print it above the lock.

Big truck at this gas station.

This couple was watching the basketball game on a phone on the lawn of the gas station.

And another one.

Some rain in the distance on the drive home.

A wider sheet here.

The sun peeking through.

Big cloud.

The top lit up by the setting sun.

Sunset with a bit of rain.